OT: UH Cancels classes until March 23rd, by which they will go online after that

Announced by Khator.

Any updates on athletics?

My last word (as U of H Law Center faculty) is that our classes do start back Monday on line. We have been undergoing training on Zoom.

Same for a lot of schools in Big 10 country. My college senior is on spring break next week and was told by the school today the following two weeks after spring break would be virtual classroom. Dorms and mess halls would still be open.

My kid is graduating this semester, Hope this issue doesn’t interfere with her walking. That would stink.

Am also graduating. So are a few of our members.

That stinks. Hope this moves on and y’all get to walk.

Best of luck.


May be true for the law center. The email I received said classes resume March 23rd. It is probably good for everyone to keep in touch with their professors and students to be sure everyone is on the same page at least for individual classes.

Also had one about limiting gathering sizes to under 50 people. Best to those that should be walking this spring. Hope they at least get a make up version or some other special way to commemorate.

With the CDC’s recommendation to move all in person gatherings away by eight weeks (ending after commencements) and the two professors that are preparing for a full online semester, walking might not happen.

Either way, we get our diplomas and move on. We’re still Coogs, some of us might come back for Grad School and get to finally walk across that stage, others will go to another institution. Who knows?

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