OT: UNC Players Suspended for Selling Shoes

(Dustin K) #1

Man, these guys should have taken an investments class. They could keep a few pairs in storage, sell then for big bucks when their playing days are over.

(Charles) #2

What’s with UNC? Is it the type of recruits they attract? Are they all from backgrounds so poor they can’t resist making $$s or is it the character of the recruits they attract?

(Dustin K) #3

Or is it a culture where they feel they can get away with it. Maybe the opportunity was ripe, like they said here are your two dozen pairs of shoes. When they might have been wise to control the distribution more.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #4

What do they practice in if they sold their shoes?

How do you explain it to the equipment manager? “We all lost our shoes”


Old news, Fla.St. set the gold standard for selling shoes!

(Chris) #6

What do you expect?
UNC got away with one of the biggest violation a School could commit. The UNC players surely remembered that it is ok to break ncaa rules. UNC/ncaa? Business as usual.


More than likely, these were the shoes.

Sneaker heads were probably willing to pay close to $1000 if not more for these player exclusive shoes. I’m sure our compliance folks and basketball coaches are pointing out these UNC suspensions as a reminder to our guys since we are now a Jordan Brand school in basketball.

(Timothy Q. Chan) #8

I would do anything to get rid of those shoes, even if it violated NCAA rules. That’s some ugly sh…

(Dustin K) #9

Unfortunately/fortunately, we will likely have shoes that are available to the general public so as the demand will be lower. Won’t have the UH logo and such.

(Cristian) #10

Sneaker heads would pay that and more for those shoes. They’re exclusive, but at the same time is that part of their uniform? 3-4 years of free shoes and the possibility of making money doesn’t seem bad. Then again what else is there to do in NC