OT: XFL fires coordinator after 1 game

Not the Houston team, but the team Houston played! Second time that has happened around these parts.

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Seems a little extreme after one game.


Tony is that you ?

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Someone always has to go under the bus. Whenever I see this nonsense I laugh and think, “you’re next, HC.”

Now the awful HC can lose more games and blame it on no DC.

Pepper Johnson from the Memphis Showboats?

WWE-style drama…Vince having fun

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That does seem a bit harsh, but their defense did seem to quit towards the end.

On offense, their starter QB went down before the season and they ended up playing their 3rd string QB.

This will be a rough season for them. I really think they loaded the teams up to be as equal as possible to give them all some level of success.

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Yeah, but did they see the Vipers play? I thought they release their DC. LA played well

My point is, you know who your coordinator is long before the first game. When you’re throwing people off the boat trying to make yourself look competent you end up with…Travis Bush and a Chik-fil-a.

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I was thinking the exact same thing