Other AAC team forums

(David Gold) #1

Hey, I am from the www.thebullspen.com and on our website we have every team we are going to play fan forum. I suggest you do the same due tot he fact it creates more smack talk but also a better atmosphere for the AAC.

(Eric Prado) #2

We don’t have a desire to invite trolls from other teams to our site.

(Patrick) #3

It wouldn’t be a bad idea if we had more fans from other teams that came over,but Eric’s right, we really don’t want to invite trolls over to “smack talk” us. More interested in having good, solid discussions even if they are contradictory. We do have a thread going for each of the teams we play in each of the respective big three forums and usually have a game thread going the day of the game.

(David Gold) #4

This is the internet… You will have trolls regardless. Most USF fans like me will have a decent conversation with you. I would invite you to come look and join the bullspen due to the fact we have an AAC board and we always enjoy having other teams fans come and join the talk.