Other games today

Miami leading Pittsburgh 28-16. King already has 4 TDs

Tennessee getting throttled by Kentucky 27-7, Auburn losing to South Carolina.

We would have been ranked had we won yesterday

Clemson makes dominating look so easy. Already up on Georgia Tech 59-7. It’s clear to see why they are the undisputed #1 team in the country

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They aren’t undisputed though…Ohio State is still getting first place votes in the polls…

(And Alabama and Georgia)

Pff. Buckeyes haven’t played one down and they’re already getting first place votes. This freaking system…


It’s always harder to watch the other games on the weekend when our coogs lose.

I’m watching UMass/GA Southern because a friend’s son is a freshman on the UMass team. Man this is hard to watch. Neither team is good. It’s harder because he hasn’t seen the field yet.

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UCF-Memphis…fun game!

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Memphis just ran a very similar shovel pass for 70 yards with a minute left that BYU burned us for a touchdown. Great play.


Lol @ Memphis. They tried so hard to give that game away with the prevent defense.

Really fun game to watch.

A little dust up between the UCF kicker who missed a last second fg and another UCF player. I bet that has an interesting back story.

I think we can bounce back and win conference…let’s see if we can make that happen.



Based on what…do you think anyone our conference is Clemson or as good a byu??

There’s several highly ranked teams in our conference. Don’t sell our conference short. Byu is good but so are Memphis, Cincy & Smu to name a few. UCF is always tough, too.

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SMU had to fight off Tulane in OT…and they beat Memphis…none of these teams play defense accept for maybe Cincinnati. To me the Bearcats are like byu without the offensive efficiency.

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Goodnight, Kirby.

Tulane at home is no easy feat :astonished:. Smu sleep walk thru that game like Byu did in the second half of that utsa last wk

I dont think home field plays as much of a difference with the covid restrictions…just my opinion

Bearcats have a good coach (Luke Fickell) who came from Ohio St and has been kicking arse in the recruiting trail the last few years, js

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Ok…and who have they played?

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