OU and WSU will be tough... but we shouldn't count out UNT

Mason Fine will most likely have another great season.

They play SMU and California before us, so we will get an idea of who they are pretty quickly.

This is a very hard game. Our schedule is VERY difficult.


I don’t know anything about Cal, but I don’t see SMU winning many games this year. But with our offense and hopefully improved defense and a boat load of us in the stands, we should win. We need them to be good for SOS purposes.

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Dave Campbell has Mason Fine at #1

Time hope all these schools are saying this about us…we are no pushover either…

Apparently Cal is decent coming off a 7 win season with a coupe of close losses and of course are deeper than a CUSA team. They may be a bit worn down (like we were late last season( by the time they play us.

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Losing to OU and even WSU will be forgiven by natl media (even though it will eliminate us from all discussions for the rest of the year) … losing to NT, not so much!!!


Not accurate…it would keep us from NY6 Bowl and we would be out of discussion, not forgiven. Texas lose same games…they are forgiven and eligible for National Champs game if win the rest…

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UNT’s offense should be very good with a senior Mason Fine and a lot of his weapons returning. It is notable they lost their OC Graham Harrell to USC and will be adjusting to a new offense that the new OC himself has said will be noticeably different than Harrell’s Air Raid. The new OC comes from E Washington and has a decent track record for being a younger coach.

Their defense is going to have trouble though and I think by week 5 we should be able to move the ball on them without issue. Every impact guy from their defense last year just about is gone.

To shamelessly self promote, I did a deep dive on UNT here.


We play 5 games in 28 days to start the season. That is 5 games in 4 weeks. That is a brutal schedule

Take the Coogs and the points against OU. Heard it from a friend.:sunglasses:


There are a number of teams that play 5 games in 4 weeks. The problem for us is our first games are on Sunday then Saturday then Friday then Thursday. The only redeeming factor is that PVAM is the second game.


You heard it here first. UH will:

  • beat OU in Norman;
  • beat PVU at TDECU;
  • beat WSU at NRG;
  • beat TU in NO;
  • beat UNT in DFW/Denton.

After the first five games, I need to see the injury situation for my Coogs to assess how the rest of the season plays out. If the Coogs stay away from injuries, the interior OL holds up, and it turns out that there is quality depth, I’m feeling a season of 12-0 or 11-1 with a solid bowl invite. Let me go grab another beer.

Go Coogs. Peace.


Not a lot play 4 games in 19 days tho

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Ballsy predictions. :+1:t2:

Which is the essence of what I said.

That has to be a mistake as he doesn’t play for ut or a$m :sunglasses:

I think what we are to UNT is what OU is to us, from how the roster relates to the underdog winning. If we can keep it close late into the 3rd quarter against OU(when depth starts to show), then we’ll definitely have a chance to win. On the flipside of that coin, if UNT is able to keep it close late into the 3rd quarter, we could be in trouble as well. No doubt, this will be a tough game.

Coogs by 17. Lol

I like the way you think!

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LOL…and if UH was in a P5, they would be in the national championship game. Love your enthusiasm, but that’s a lot of if’s.