OU Game - Student Tickets

(Patrick) #1

I know on the other site that we had the occasional poster asking about Student tickets for the OU game. Saw this tweet out today, so it looks like they’ll go on sale soon:

(Christian Rocha) #2

They are not going on sale soon. They will most likely go on sale the first week of school.

(Patrick) #3

That makes sense. School starts on the 22nd right?

(Christian Rocha) #4

Something like that. Will be easy to sell once students are on campus who will be enrolled.


We should try to get more than 5,000 tickets for the student. I think 7,500 is a good number, 10,000 may be pushing it. They showed up last year with good numbers and I suspect they will grow.

(Mike Higdon) #6

$20 tickets are the limiting factor for student tickets. The venue is there to make money, not to placate students. Remember, it is not a UH production.