OU game will have a lot of eyes 👀

A Riley coached team has never played UH, so I guess you are technically right LOL…how many times did West Virginia play OU during DH’s tenure?

This man speaks Truth! Also, King has better arm than Ward. We beat OU with Ward. I have a feeling, after this game, OU will never schedule us again.

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We had a much better defense back then also not the Swiss cheese defense (full of holes lol) we have now, huge difference

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Sometimes it is all in the coaching… No D is gone…first approvement…


seven (7)

We will go 9-3 but lose at OU by 6. We are better than we think and OU, even with Hurts, is not as good as we think. Hoping to make the trip. Go Coogs!

I’m excited to see what changes occur on defense/offense and i feel Dana is the kind of guy who won’t shy away from taking the kind of risks needed to win as an underdog… but i’d call it a huge win just staying within a few touchdowns.

So, how does that account for the fact that OU’s offense only scored 28 points, seven of which were in OT?

Banderra, we haven’t seen the new defense so I can’t understand why people think we have the same as last year. We finished the season last year with walking wounded from a MASH unit led by a DC who was clueless. Things will be better this year.

Some posts make me glad the posters weren’t in charge after Pearl Harbor; I think they would have surrendered.



Keeping this one within 35 will be a victory. The final score will be determined by how much practice time Riley wants to get for the starters


Not acceptable…we will beat OU!


I imagine we’ll give it everything we’ve got.


??? Hope you are not talking “Moral Victories”. …we no longer accept those.

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I can assure you all sports analysts will say we will lose in Norman especially since they have a national championship quarterback. OU will be pumped up making this to be a revenge game.

I hope we win but all signs and tea leaves say we will lose.

  • New coaching staff
  • New system to learn
  • Marginally better defense
  • CDH has never beat OU
  • Loss of Ed Oliver
  • OU, a playoff team
  • Hurt, a national champion qb
  • In Norman, OK

I can only think of 3 positives.

  • D’Eriq King
  • D’Eriq King
  • D’Eriq King
  • Oh and the new coaching staff

If we pull off a miracle and beat OU, UH needs to give this coaching staff a big bonus right after the game.

Just too many unknowns with this team. The Offense SHOULD be very good. The coaching has been upgraded all around with competent coach’s. The defense is healed and a lot of guys got experience playing for a depleted team last season as well as some nice looking new comers, but really? We won’t know the identity of this bunch until we play.

I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I don’t see why we can’t win. I’m not saying we will, but why not? They have to break in a new QB after losing a Heisman winner, we return 50 TDs with King. Hurts is good, and has big game experience, but he’s playing in a completely different offensive philosophy than he did at Alabama. His athleticism is a plus for him, but he’s not as dangerous as King is, or for that matter Baker Mayfield or Kyler Murray before him at OU. They also have to replace a game breaking WR in Hollywood Brown, we return Marquez Stevenson. Everyone says our defense is suspect and is going to get burned, but I never see anyone bring up this point: OU’s defense was every bit as bad as ours was last year. They were just as happy to get rid of Stoops as we were to get rid of D’Onfrio. To be honest, I think we’re more evenly matched than a lot of people give us credit for. We have a lot of returning production and talent on offense, and can only get better on defense. We upgraded coaching in a HUGE way in the off season. What I honestly think it will come down to is OU’s home field advantage, first game jitters, and working out the kinks in our new offensive system. I’d probably have OU as a favorite somewhere in the neighborhood of 8-10 points right now if I was handicapping this. Definitely a clear favorite, but if they were upset it wouldn’t be an earth shattering anomaly. We’ve done it before.


Fellas, there are unknowns every year with every team. People swore that Clemson, after getting nearly shut out by Alabama in 2017-2018, had no shot against them with all of the talent they had coming back in 2018-2019. Turned out that Clemson was much better than Alabama last year. This isn’t the NFL; every year teams can either surprise or wet the bed. You can literally have all of the pieces in place to make a run for a AAC championship, but fumble the ball by working on the wrong crap between games (cough cough Applewhite).

Please stop mixing the word program (which is more historically based) up with team (which is different every year). We could be better than we were last year, and OU could be worse. Or OU could be better and we could be worse.

We could even be just good enough to have a shot at winning; we’ll have to see!


Hopefully we can repeat what happened the last time we played a top 10 team from Oklahoma in Oklahoma.


But not the last time we played OU at OU, which I think was somewhere in the 66-13 range…