OU game will have a lot of eyes 👀

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i attended that game, it was miserable. Last time we played was great! Go Coogs beat OU.


Add to your positives •returning defensive and offensive players from injuries (besides King)

You can’t say ‘marginally better defense’ because they haven’t played yet. You can’t qualify that statement, yet.
Also, OU has their own negatives. Hurts may have won a national championship, but that was at Alabama with an almost NFL quality O-line, which is OUs weakness. Also, he’s learning a completely different offensive scheme/philosophy and has never been a great passer. Riley’s been able to get the best out of QBs but there was still a lot of Stoops talent on the roster. How will Riley’s recruiting work out? Probably very good, but it is another unknown. OU also has a new defensive coordinator.

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Will you be my bookie? I’m all over that OU -10.

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As a self proclaimed negative nancy some of yall are really going overboard. I expect us to probably lose but if its by anything more than 10 points i will consider the game a failure. I really think that we will have a good shot of winning this game for once which would be huge!


OU will likely be favored by 14+ points.


And I hope they are. Being massive underdogs should create a boulder sized chip on our guys’ collective shoulders.


“… winning this game for once…” huh? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Big game, best QB on the field will be D. King. Will open some eyes.


Art Briles…learning how to win at UH. Scoring first TD felt good for the moment…


Food for thought - I recall a lot of major upsets happening Week 1 of CFB. The Coogs have been on both sides of that.

You really don’t know what type of team you have until you play. If we’re going to catch a big team napping, game 1 isn’t a bad place to start.

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Im thankful for having a proven coach to start off this season and game…because of that we actually have a chance and we wont embarrass ourselves if we lose.

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  • New coaching staff = Big improvement
  • New system to learn = Better System
  • Marginally better defense = Much better defense and much better DC
  • CDH has never beat OU = Lincoln Riley has never beaten UH
  • Loss of Ed Oliver = We had him last two years, what did it get us?
  • OU, a playoff team = a bigger upset for us and much more plusses for the NY6 game
  • Hurt, a national champion qb = He doesn’t have Saban to coach him or the Bama OL to protectect him
  • In Norman, OK = makes the upset even bigger.

What you see as minuses are positives to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Mike, i completely agree…We have VASTLY better coaching now on that side of the ball, and i think it will make at least SOME difference. People need to stop acting like we are going to see what we’ve seen for the last 2 years…Pretty sure we wont. I expect our D to be quite a bit better…

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Hurts is moving to a new system, new surroundings, and (new to him) players. It’s the first game. He’ll probably pull down the ball and run…a lot. We have to keep him contained or at least limited in how far he can run. Passing isn’t his best talent. If our secondary can make him try to throw darts we have a chance to pick them off.
We need to play a real hard scrimmage against somebody (TSU?) or have a really really hard practice with full on hits & trash talk. Come out like last time against OU and play smash mouth-middle of the season intensity football and we’ll be fine.


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OU was coming off playoff the season before we beat them last.

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This is the perfect time to beat the OK Corral. New QB running the system is going to make some mistakes. Plus, the Corral have no clue what Houston is going to do on defense or offense, even though they have seen Hulk Holgo teams for years. I think a huge difference between the teams will be the play of King vs Hurts, and the Coogs special teams will be vastly better than Corral.

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Uhhh … the ghost of Xmas errr Army past is still floating over Lake Houston and we are still 4 TD 'dogs regardless if its Saturday or Sunday night or Tuesday morning … and Holgerson has still not beaten OU at Norman …

Yep … Custer had a better chance of surviving than our chances …

But what da hooey … I still believe in miracles … even if it is my ole friend Red80 and his 14 - 0 season

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ABC wow. Can’t complain even if we lose about that. Just need to show well.