OU game will have a lot of eyes 👀

Chances of me making this roadie from DFW just decreased dramatically. Last time we played OU on ABC went pretty well though, so maybe our chances of winning just went up! Lol

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14 and 0, sound about right to me, Davy! Polly VP here…


In the last 4 years our best defense was the year before Ed. Our 2nd best defense was Ed’s tr fr season.
I think we can survive without him and besides he was the most misused player in the history of college football. What we will lose is knowing that the middle of our line will be double teamed.
Saying our defense will be better than last year’s is a given assuming 7 starters don’t go out to injuries. That doesn’t mean we can stop a good offensive system with a tremendous athlete like Hurt running downhill and moving off play actions .
The good news is OU struggled last season on the defensive side and have had a rash of defections in their front 7. Also good news that our HC is familiar with what OU does and their personnel.
There are so many unknowns with our D that it is impossible to know if they can stop good athletes or will get run over all game.
What will Pierre, Bell and Neal give us up front?
We know nothing about how Edgeston and Carmouche can do at LB
Secondary is anyone’s guess. We went from not being able to field a scout team to a lot of very capable recruits and transfers. But who will emerge and be eligible?
Lots of questions, and I don’t think that means we cannot be very good, it is just a huge wait and see.

I think we could see as many as 6 to 7 starters on defense who were not here last fall.

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Really, Oklahoma? These guys are still butt hurt. We better bring something. They want to make our execution VERY public and very gory.


Did they do something? I’m not understanding the context of this post.

I agree they want to embarrass us on national tv, we better be ready!

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That’s OK, I want to embarass them. Tit for tat.


Didn’t take the time to read the entire thread but I see some tunnel vision.

UH blows OU out in a surprise attack. 7 games CDH lost. It is past time for him to make the right changes, possibly coaching genius that wipes OU off the field.

One thing about speculation I see here makes me wonder what the conversation was when we beat Louisville, OU, and so many other games where we played our game and shocked the talking heads.

…or maybe we lose… or just barely win.

It is all speculation.

I do look forward as a looong time fan, eager to see UH pull off another giant killin’. Seen it many times
over decades! It is why many conferences do not want to play us and why the SWC took so long to bring us in.

You’re right. After Levine I didn’t have hope that Herman would best OU.

But the coaching change was so dramatic that we won!

Despite the talent not being as good when Herman took over, we have experience in cdh and I’m cautiously optimistic.

Not enough to place my first Vegas bet ever on the coogs, but enough to plan a trip up to Norman.

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OU has a history of stumbling out of the gate against decent teams.
What will be evident is how much more talent our D will have with little change in the roster.
King will be King.

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I believe the D will start as many as 6 players who were not here last fall.

1.) Both Corners
2.) One Linebacker and maybe one nickel or other cornerback
3.) Possibly as many as three down linemen

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DH has never beat OU, the game is in Norman, and our defense leaves a lot to be desired in my opinion. Honestly, I’ll be happy if we keep it within 14-17 points (aren’t we favored to lose by 24?). I’d be SHOCKED if we pull off the upset.


There is a First time for everything…see Astros 2017,…if Toronto win tonight, it will be their first…DH will beat OU in Norman…


If it is close going into the 4th quarter we will win.

We will beat OU. You can put that on paper.


Yepp I just put it on my toilet paper roll … :wink:

The WHOLE NATION will be watching INCLUDING their kitchen sinks … eh …

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into that horror movie … The Hills Have Eyes …

We are STILL 4 TD dogs … its AT NORMAN … Holgerson has NEVER WON THERE as HC … folks last saw us in that massacre against Patton’s tanks … its at NORMAN …

The Bataan death march had a better prognosis …

That could be a good thing.

Hell, why even go? Sounds like Custer had a better chance at the Little Big Horn. UMBC had no chance against UVA. Do I even need to go through some of the sordid games in our own history where we couldn’t possibly lose?


Or as CBY said before the Michigan State game in 1967…well, at least let us play the game.

This after the main stream media was talking about what a mismatch it was going to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

They were right…it was a mismatch :sunglasses: