OU Research

A document on OU’s research goals was published on Jan 15, 2020. It has
received wide notice on sports forums.

Greg Flugaur
? @flugempire




Hopefully UH made these decisions years ago.
OU gained RU/VH in 2011, the same time as UH.

Doubt OU will reach AAU level by 2025.

OU is not among the Top 100 Worldwide Universities
Granted U.S. Utility Patents in 2017.
UH is ranked 67 with 39 patents.

OU had 92,075 x 1,000 total research in 2015 while UH had 125,973 x 1,000.

If OU get the votes, they will be in AAU by then. Especially if they have Big Ten schools supporting their efforts. Unfortunately OU is a bigger brand name because of football than UH is.