Our Administration and Invitations from P5s


It is fun to talk about possible P5 invites but do we know how our Administration ranks the order of P5 preferences?

True, the conferences are ever changing but if this week… we received P5 invites from ALL P5 Conferences, in their current form, where would we go?

I’m sure they have to have regular conversations about this as what we want probably also changes.

I’m sure we have a big board, assuming the financials, are comparable but what does our administration value the most:

-Regional in-state rivals (Big 12)
-Academic Association (B1G Ten or PAC)
-Best Football conference (SEC)
-Partnership with Texas A&M (SEC)
-Brand exposure Outside of Texas (PAC, B1G, ACC)
-Best Basketball Conference (ACC)
-Larger metro markets (PAC, ACC)

I’m sure there are many more categories they are thinking of.

(Ben) #2

I’d say our preferred conference would be the BIG purely from an academic, research & financial aspect .


I will always vote ACC. We’re a better mesh with some if the schools there and it would be best for the STATE to have ut, Texas S&M, and UH in different leagues (sort of what once happened with UF, FSU, and Miami… SEC, ACC, and Big East). Florida schools should kept that dynamic imo.

(Bryant Hargrave) #4

I’ll play my preferred order if we held invites from all conferences.

B1G- They’ve got it all, and since I live on the Midwest these days easiest troops to make.
SEC- money, regional, always interesting
PAC- We’d be valued there more than anywhere else. Plus real chance at being top of the heap quickest
ACC- Still awesome but just missed the top 3
Big 12- Seriously eff those guys, with Texas or not

(Ryon Adams) #5

Obviously, being a B1G alum (Master’s from Illinois), I’d LOVE to see UH be admitted to the B1G.

However, I think that that would be the LEAST realistic. Unless and until we achieve AAU status (something that has traditionally been a pre-req. for a B1G invite UNLESS the name of your school happens to include the words “Notre Dame”), and moreover, as long as we are not our particular state’s “flagship” public university (that’s the most common profile for a B1G school), I don’t see it ever happening.

The Big 12 and ACC are more realistic. I’d be content with either one…or even the PAC-12!!!


ACC, followed by B10, PAC, SEC and B12 (agree with 1985coog…eff the B12)

Notice the degree of separation from other Texas schools. There are no ties to them and IMO building our success as far away from them as possible is the best thing to do. Of course, if there’s no other choice but to go to the B12, you do it, but any other conference would be better.


Id have to say, scratch Big12 off the list.

(PMM) #8

Any P5 that ut is not a member of !!

(Alex Whitlock) #9

I suspect our order of preference is:

  1. The first one that invites us


From the point of view of Renu and Pezman, the best P5 conference is any one that is going to vote in UH.

This is a situation where beggars can’t be choosers.


That’s not the question I asked. Obviously, if we have one invitation we take it… but if we had all 5 how do you think our administration has them ranked?

(Bryant Hargrave) #12

To everyone who’s playing the game with, “the first one who invites us” Stop taking the fun out if it. We all know that’s the real answer.

It’s a magical internet world, where everyone wants us. Rank your choices and somewhat defend them. Didn’t have to be good logic, you could have the PAC number 1 for lots of chances at “recreational” souvenirs.

(Fred) #13

If they all come in at the same time, B1G in less than a heartbeat. All things considered academically, athletically, the best conference. Add to that the biggest checks.

After that, the SEC. We’ve almost joined twice. I wouldn’t pass up a third unless it was the B1G.

The ACC/PAC. Do you want to go east or west. Syracuse and Pittsburgh or Washington and Oregon? Los Angeles or Chapel Hill/Durham? San Francisco or Tallahassee. Historically, when all sports are considered, the PAC is better as are the academics. Might need us more than the ACC does.

I think that covers my list of conferences I would join. Did I leave anyone out?

(gigabitdo) #14

they prefer AAC

(Alex Whitlock) #15

It’s not just that we’d go to the first one that asked, it’s that I believe to the extent that we are “courting” any of them it’s in the order of the likelihood that they think we might be asked.

But if things broke our way and they suddenly had a choice, I think it would probably be B1G, SEC, ACC, Pac-12, Big 12. The first two could be in switched order, as could the last two.


Last two wont be switched…ever. And there is a huge gap between last and next to last…

(Brad) #17

The finances really aren’t equal so B1G and SEC have to be one and two, followed by ACC then the PAC 12. Those are also probably in order of least to most likely.


IF the conferences remained the same, i’d rank the conferences as follows:

-ACC…Natural fit. New exposure. Great football and basketball conference. Good academics.
-SEC…We are already within the footprint but they would lock down this part of Texas…Big 12 who? Plus, the rivalry between us and Texas A&M would just continue to grow. Great football, basketball, and baseball conference!
-B1G…Would greatly increase our exposure and reputation. Solid sports…great academics.
-PAC…I’m worried about this conference IF we go alone. A bridge package would make it more attractive but new markets, albeit with later starts, but increased athletic and academic exposure.
-Big 12…Only if its our only invitation in hand.


LOL…I agree…you picked them ALL up, and non left out :wink:


ACC - we fit better and the time zone. We also provide them with a new market.

PAC - a good fit and we provide a new market for them. Similar to what another poster said, they need to bring other schools that are in the central time zone. A block with Tech, Okie state, k state and us would be nice.

SEC - would be nice but we don’t fit in with those schools. Plus Alabama’s run has made me lose interest in that conference. You pretty much know what the outcome will be each year.

BIG - again it would be nice but the distance and fit just doesn’t make it as attractive as the others.

Big 12-2 - last resort conference. I used to have have them at the top of my list due to the rivalries but after the try out fiasco…eff em!

If all else fails:
BIG 16

Boise State
Colorado State
San Diego State
Fresno State
Air Force

BB only:

East Carolina

BB only:
Wichita St