Our Administration and Invitations from P5s


I seriously doubt our athletic department and administration has a comprehensive constantly updating big board. Getting an invite from any 1 P5 is hard enough and we’d crawl through broken glass to get it. If you polled each member with juice I’m sure they could tell you their individual preference if they were inclined, which as of today would likely match common sense based on revenue + stability (B1G/SEC, then ACC, then PAC, then B12). But I doubt there’s any sort of official administration position nor will there be until there’s a scenario where fielding multiple offers looks reasonably possible.

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Spoken like a true analytical… I admire ourselves, heh!

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Gotta agree. IF they begin to act nice it only shows they’re speaking with forked tongue.

Politics overrules sportsmanship and team effort for the conference as a whole.


The Big 12 would be a disaster. I remember 70,000 mostly UH fans for Texas in the Dome and then no more than 15,000 would come for Iowa State. Some of those schools have no attraction for UH fans.

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That’s all the conferences though, there’s going to be some legit no interest teams. In fact you may under cut you’re own argument here because I can make a lack of interest case for all these conferences in football, yes even the SEC.

The one thing the Big 12 does have going for it is proximity to other schools which would keep attendance pretty steady. Texas, OU, Tech, OSU all have strong bases and would always help in selling out the stadium.

But in reality, that should be beside the point. We need to build our own base where opponent/casual interest is a distant priority. Of course in Houston that means winning, a lot.

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If you want fans to come to the games and travel to the away games, the more regional fits would be best. From that standpoint the B12 would appear be the best fit with UT, TCU, and Baylor closest. But, actually, the SEC would be the best with aTm, LSU, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Miss. St all within reasonable driving distance.

When we were in the SWC, we had poor attendance for games other than UT, Ark, and aTm. Two of those are now in the SEC.

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For all the hostility to the Big 12 I see here, I think odds are best for UH ending up in that conference.

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Yeah you’re probably right, about the odds and if that’s our invite we take it, provided the money is similar to what is being made now. Now if this is s post UT-OU make up then we’ve missed the boat and the conferences have gone to P4. Which still leaves us on the outside looking in. Because the Big 12’s revenue is pretty much entirely based on those two schools and their followings.


Big12 own the rights to the name “BIG 16” do thst name could not be used.


The Big American Conference - BAC?

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It is an interesting question but we can only speculate. It is obvious that our leaders are in constant contact about a possible P5 invite(s)What really matters at this point is that Mrs. Khator and Mr. Fertitta are still in charge when 2014/25 comes.

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If we did get invites to all conferences at the same time, B1G and SEC would be 1A and 1B. Beyond that, I think the PAC12 would edge out the Big 12 for 3rd due to academics/research revenue sharing and the ACC would come in last due to least amount of revenue and no real attachment to Houston.

I have a feeling that we’d go to the SEC due to regional affiliation, but it would be hard to pass up the B1G for academic reasons.


Why is it so obvious? Do you have a copy of their phone and email records?

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I’ll be surprised if they are in touch with any P5 conference management. They are more likely to be sitting by the phone hoping some P5 commissioner will call.

Why would any P5 commissioner take their calls? Any communication between P5 and UH had to originate from the P5, not UH.


I believe it was rumored that we reached out to a few P5s and we asked them to evaluate us and give their suggestion on what they would like us to improve to be a serious candidate to join their conference.
Which was a very smart move!

If you look at what we are doing…it’s like we are going down a list…both in regards to athletics and academics. We ARE becoming the most attractive G5 option.

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We’re not going to the ACC. Any one of Cincy, UConn, all the Fla schools would go before us.


I could see us going with TCU or Tech if the big 12 collapses. ACC already in New England and Florida markets.


TCU isn’t going anywhere.


UCF and USF aren’t going to the ACC and UConn football will keep them out of a P5 conference. Cincy I don’t see them getting chosen over UH as we bring more value in terms of tv ratings and academic/athletic prestige.

I am more worried of these conferences never expanding or they poach from another P5 conference.


why do you say that? Big east invited them before they got pouched.