Our Administration and Invitations from P5s

(Munzell Milluns) #41

If the ACC wanted us they would have us now. They don’t.

(Bryant Hargrave) #42

I’d say TCU’s moment has come and gone. They’ve used up most of their athletic capital, and don’t deliver anything that other schools can’t deliver better. Downside of a smaller private school.


All of that evaluation stuff is nice and all but again, it’s all about money. The P5s wants to know one thing. How much money will the networks give them to add UH? The networks already told the Big12 we were not worth $25M a year.

When network negotiations come up again on 2 or 3 years, P5s are going to ask the networks that question again. Hopefully by then we will be very valuable to at least one P5.


I believe Tillman has referred to ongoing conversations with P5 school admins and conference admins. Not specifically the commissioner nor who initiated conversations.


I hope I am wrong, but I see no reason for a P% conference to want to share their revenues with us. We will probably need something like the legal threat by Senator Hatch of Utah to get results, but I have no
reason to believe our senators care that much about us.


Because the Big East itself had been raided numerous times before they invited TCU. To clarify, TCU is not going to any of the other P5’s.

(Chris) #47

Do you think for a second that Mr. Fertitta invested tens of $M’s just for fun? You betcha he and Mrs. Khator and others are in touch with key people. You don’t become a billionaire just by luck. Do I have copy of their emails? What kind of a question is that? Yes, I have trust in them and so far we have made huge strides to that possible P5 invite. Before their arrival we were leaving on borrowed time, barely surviving. Have faith in our leaders.


As with most boosters, it’s probably more about ego than fun.

He admitted there is nothing they (meaning him and the UH administration) can do from the outside.


(Munzell Milluns) #49

TCU did two things before their invite: built a lot of stuff and won a crap load of football games.

We’re 50% complete with the TCU plan.


Fine - so do what I hope, and they would be at 18: add KS to get to OK; then add UH to get into Texas, and one more - anyone, to get to 18. Bingo!


Until our ex AD screwed it up so badly that the PAC commissioner took a newspaper and swatted his behind in public to the press.

(Robert Swearengin) #52

Somewhere is a list of the 19 Metro areas in the world with the largest GDP’s over the next 5 to 10 years.

Both Houston and DFW made this list.

No P5 conference can ignore that. And the 2 cities have both NRG Stadium and Jerry World for special games. No conference can ignore that.

In 10 to 15 years both Houston and DFW will have more residents than will Chicago. No Conference can ignore that.

All we need now is the passage of time.


Huh??? What??? When did that happen???


Why do we need time to pass when any P5 commissioner can pick up the phone and call Renu Khator right now?


When did Utah get invited to the PAC12 and TCU to the Big12? Or even Louisville to the ACC? They are not original members of those conferences. Certain dominoes fell that led to realignment. We need to WAIT for more dominoes to fall… P5 tv negotiations

(Bryant Hargrave) #56

Short answer is it’s not the time for moves. No contracts are up and O don’t think there are any money gaining clauses in play. So nothing is going to happen until the biggest players start doing things.

And for us most likely nothing will happen until the biggest fish are off the board.


Yeah, he said this post non-expansion in '16. Only talking about that one situation. The goals remain the same and there’s plenty they can do from the ‘outside’.

(Chris) #58

Do you think for a second that our leaders are going to come out publicly announcing what their move/intentions are???

(John m Bevil) #59

One thing our administrators know is we must win, and we must win now. Sweet 16 in basketball needs to be the norm not every 35 years, regionals in baseball, NY6 in football, track is off the chart but does not move the needle. It would help if women’s sports were better but again, not going to move the needle much. What might help us the most and you know Dr. Khator knows this, is the Tier I ranking and the UH Medical School. We have top Business, HRM, Engineering,Optometry and Law programs but the complete package is what some conferences are looking for, as well as huge alumni support.


Do you have numbers on where all our colleges rank in their respective fields? Just curious about mine.