Our Administration and Invitations from P5s

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That was a truly amateur move. What was he thinking? He seemed to have forgotten that Bowlsby came with strong PAC 12 friendships and contacts, that alone would have guaranteed the PAC would not do anything to make Bowlsby be played by UH. Even if Bowlsby has no PAC links, I doubt the PAC looked too kindly on UH wanting to use them as way to trick another P5 conference.


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But…if winning is so important…please explain Rutgers to the BIG !!!

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Best to worst?


(Lets not forget easiest road to championship)

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I think the city can get involved here. How about this: No NCAA games in Reliant or Toyota (even the Juice Box) unless Houston is in the game or Houston is in a P5 conference. Yes get rid of the Texas Bowl. Final Four can stay as we’re hosts and actually have a shot of making it. The argument against it is revenue from those games.

How much revenue is the city of Houston losing each year because we’re not P5? It’s a boatload more than those games are bringing in. Long term this is a smart financial decision for the city.

Make it a big deal announcement, current mayor is a Coog. It will get on ESPN especially during dead season after NBA ends. I also think local non-UT alums will raise their eyebrows at this. They can’t go and watch their precious teams play. It will get us attention. Any squeaky wheel stuff like this is good. It worked for Utah.



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So you’re saying if only Big 12 comes calling, we should say no thanks? Are you seriously saying that staying in the AAC is preferable to joining the Big 12?

You know this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The hatred and anger that masses of UH supporters feel for the Big 12 could in fact turn out to be a major factor in the conference choosing not to add UH. Now if there are other P5 suitors that would not be such a big deal, but if there are no others then it would be a huge deal.

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I doubt it will matter Texas fans won’t care. It’s not as if the longhorns play much in Houston. How many P5 teams regularly visit Houston? Why would their alums care Houston is off limits?

And how do you propose stopping Rice from scheduling P5 teams? Who will make up the lost revenue for NRG and Toyota? Will the city compensate them?

If Houston says no the Texas Bowl, they’ll just move it to another city in Texas. Heck Austin could host a bowl easily in DKR. Or they’d just move it to say Oklahoma City and rename it. I doubt it’ll happen though, unless the sponsor wants it moved.

What you propose will only make UH extremely disliked and probably further reduce chances of getting into a P5. It won’t help the university or the city.

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It was on preference and i think i’ve had enough dicking around with 12. I absolutely think our administration would accept 12 invite because as someone said beggars cant be choosers. But, if UT and OU jump ship and even if they dont, will joining 12 really be a step up? We would be in the same conference we bad mouth for keeping Baylor (rape), TCU (cheating), WVU (Morgantown) OSU (nothing) and Tech (nothing/tortillas).

Yeah, I believe going to Tulane is a better road trip than Waco or Cin to Morgantown or Philly to Lubbock. Yeah, i believe if the time came i’d definitely would think twice before joining. You sound desperate for a conference who at any moment can dissolve. Its happened before itll happen again.


If UT goes to BIG 10 I could see us possibly getting invited to remenants of Big 12 or possibly a 2 or 4 team package to PAC. Don’t really see anything else as even a remote possibility.

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You don’t have to play games in Houston to recruit Houston. Look at the list of teams that recruit our top 50.


Agree. Most of the large programs have recruiters embedded in Houston or living here.

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I don’t think UT and OU will go elsewhere, unless the Big 12 falls really far behind in media revenue. As things stand, both programs are earning tons of money and are the biggest dogs in the Big 12. Plus they have the easiest path to the playoffs if they remain in the Big 12.

If either joins another conference, payouts may be higher, but as things stand not significantly. UT earns close to $55M for all its media rights, OU close to $50M. Big 10 and SEC media payout is is around $52 million. Now this could change and the Big 12 may fall really far behind the SEC/Big 10 in revenue, which of course would precipitate OU/UT departure.

In any new conference both will definitely not be the big dogs. They’ll be among the power players, even there not at the top level. In the Big 10, they’ll never match the power of tOSU/Michigan, in the SEC they won’t be any where near Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Auburn etc.

OU has made the playoffs 2 straight years as a member of the Big 12, let’s see them do that in the SEC or Big 10.

It will take a lot for UT and OU to leave the Big 12. As things stand now I don’t see it happening. Just ask Nebraska how the move worked for them. Finally getting full shares, they are earning maybe a $5 million a year more in the Big 10, than they would have been in the Big 12. But at what cost? Lost historical linkages, lost rivalries, lost regional fan interest, but most of all loss of power. They were a power player in the Big 12, despite all their complaints, they are nothing in the Big 10.

UT and OU will need a lot of money to consider leaving the Big 12, as they’d be giving up a lot.

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It is the complete package the B10 is looking for, plus market. Houston is getting the complete package, and we have the big market. Other conferences are not as hung up on this as the B10, so you are right, how can you explain Rutgers and Maryland to the B10. West Virginia to B12 shows they were reaching, when they got passed over for Louisville to ACC they knew they had to take B12, but not a good roadie from Lubbock to Morganstown. My feeling is the B12 knows they will have to extend an offer once another conference tries to move into Texas, but they will wait until then. As much as I would like to play the teams from Texas, like SWC, I think we move on.

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What could happen? This is all in good fun. I do not have a crystal ball.
A P5 will invite us. Make your pick.
The small12 will then invite us. Remember friends this is all about controlling the greater Houston recruiting area. This has always been the case. I might even go as far as writing that our SWC inclusion was due to SEC talks. The “keep us under wrap” solution. This was long ago. More than likely we will never know but it sure make sense.
We will have to make a decision:
Do we take the non small12 P5 invite or the small12 P5 invite? That is the key question.
Some of you would like to renew “in state” rivalries. I completely understand it. I lived it and I loved it. After the initial excitement I have to go back in time and re-collect our past history in the SWC. We joined, we dominated and shortly thereafter the uta/ncaa conspired to where we are today. The uta/ncaa “alliance” has been widely reported here and on other websites. What would lead me to believe that “things” could be different now? So do we want history to repeat itself or do we want to put ourselves in the best possible way to succeed? Call me paranoid, delusional all you want I do not trust uta. Actions speak better than words. Put yourself in uta’s or ou’s shoes. They wanted/want us in the ditch. They almost succeeded but Mrs. Khator and Mr. Fertitta showed up. Unfortunately for them we now stand tall and ready to be picked up. In case they are forced to take us you can be sure that they will send the ncaa put bulls at us as soon as we start winning again. They have done it before and will do it again if necessary. For those that want the small12 I ask you to logically explain why you think we could could co-habit with uta and ou. What would be different now?

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There’s never been a bidding war between 2 P5 for any program. If it ever comes to 2 P5 both wanting UH, it will be a first!

I think behind the scenes media networks will drive realignment and basically tell each conference who to add. No conference will add any program that does not have the support of media networks. That way only 1 conference show interest in any given program.

The question would if the Big 12 invites UH, should the invitation be accepted or should Khator/Fertitta work to get UH into another P5?


The Big 12 isn’t going to not invite us because we have some goofballs on a message board who say they don’t want to join it.

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Rutgers got into the Big 10 primarily for the NYC market, but also because:

  1. it extends the conference’s existing footprint
  2. it’s that particular state’s “flagship” public university (a trait shared by most other B1G members), AND
  3. it’s a member of the AAU.

As I’ve stated before, unless the name of your university includes the words “Notre Dame,” those traits are generally pre-requisites to getting a B1G invite.

UH does NOT share those traits.

For that reason, the B1G is probably the P5 conference that we are LEAST likely to get an invite to.

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Quote: The question would if the Big 12 invites UH, should the invitation be accepted or should Khator/Fertitta work to get UH into another P5?

OF COURSE if the Big 12 is the first and only P5 conference to give us an invite, they will take it.

Fiscal concerns make that an ABSOLUTE necessity.

Only a really CRAPPY set of administrators would say otherwise.

If the Big 12 were the first and only P5 invite, then I can promise you that no SANE UH administrator would ever turn down said invite, and in doing so, cost our school tens of millions in revenue and exposure.

No SANE administrator would turn it down and then wait on an invite from some other conference which may never come, and which, even if it did come, might be years down the road and cost our school tens (or even hundreds) of millions in the interim during the wait.

Now then, if more than once conference comes asking at the same time, then we might debate the merits of one over the other, and choose the better alternative.

But if the Big 12 is the first and only invite then you can be CERTAIN that Renu and Company will take it. Only a fool would think otherwise.