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(Fred) #121

I think we still go with the four conferences, with two divisions each. If you want to go to the pod method, which requires a 16 team conference at a minimum, play the pod winners off. However, to make the eight team playoff, you have to have won your division or if you have pods, won a pod playoff game.


I believe the words “afraid” and “cowardice,” mentioned in the article quoted by 92010, perfectly sum up the Big-12-2’s feelings towards UH, notwithstanding the condescension, deflection and obfuscation of those who apparently enjoy parroting their narrative.

(Mike Higdon) #123

UH1927, I see the ACC as a mirror image of the PAC12. The closest team is Ga. Tech, 793 miles away. When I consider distance, I am not only considering cost for the teams (which itself is a major consideration), I also consider the fans. I would like to be in a conference where our fans could travel to a majority of the division schedule.

True, some fans can fly anywhere without consideration of cost; but most can’t. Regardless of whether you can get to a town easily by air, even on Southwest, flying a family of 4 to Atlanta and back would be anywhere from $1000 to $2000, depending on which wanna getaway fare you could get. Throw in hotel, rent car, and daily expenses, and you have eliminated most fans.

Rivalries are best when fans can go to away games, both for the home team and visitors. Houston is big enough that we have pretty good alumni numbers, from most large universities, living in the area. So, I guess we would always have at least some visitors. But, it doesn’t necessarily work for our fans going eleswhere. Most of our alumni are within the Houston-Dallas-San Antio triangle, with others from around the state. Yes we do have out of state and foriegn students, but they don’t form a large fan base of folks who would actually follow the team out of town.


Why would they want to share revenues with us? The only one is the PAC because they need more
central time zone exposure.

(Fred) #125

When conference were forming, you are correct. But after the last expansion of the B1G, the dynamic has changed. Now it’s about TV sets. If you have a school in a state, you can charge more. I wonder what the impact for ESPN would be with us in the ACC with them rolling out the ACC network in the fall vs. TLN. I assume both would be in a sports tier.

As far as the PAC-12 network, it is Fox based. By having schools in the Central Time zone, the PAC-1? could do something no other conference could do: offer football games in 4 time slots. Also, look where PAC schools are located or nearby: Tucson, Tempe, LA, SF, Seattle, Salt Lake City. Easier to get to than Syracuse or some of the other schools. Once you’re over 500 miles, does it really matter?

(Mike Higdon) #126

I know you will think this is snarky; but it isn’t. I just don’t know what TLN you are talking about. I googled it and get:

Total Living Network – Quality Christian Televison
At TLN , we care and we are intentional about reaching our community. We are a ministry first and we would like you to understand both the Bible and our culture, and to meaningfully put your faith into action.

The Library Network
www. tln .lib.mi.us
The Library Network (TLN).

The Lacrosse Network | TLN - YouTube
www.youtube.com /user/ thelacrossenetwork


Regardless, I guess if it is all about TV money and screw the alumni and fans, it doesn’t matter. But, being an old guy, stuck in the past with memories of having fun AT games, I would rather packed stadiums playing teams our fans can relate to – and travel to.

(Ben) #127

The longhorn network ???

(Fred) #128

Sorry, yes. The Longhorn Network.


Aside from it sucks?

(Kendall Barrett) #130

The Longhorn Network defies the Laws of Physics…it sucks and blows at the same time.

(P5_OR_BUST) #131

It may suck and blow all the time, but it enriches Texas by $15 million a year! So does it matter it both sucks and blows?

(Mike Higdon) #132

Thanks, I probably should have guessed that. I just try to purge my mind of all thing ut.


Actually, the closest member is Florida State which is a little closer (660 miles). But the point remains.


Thank God for the Airplane…trips are a lot closer because of it!


Yes that was a great invention. Thanks Wright brothers.

(Ben B) #136

Without the airplane conferences would all still be regional so really the airplane killed college football.




(Brad) #139

You bring up some interesting points, but keep in mind UT only has tp domibate half of a cpnferenxe. Picture the B1G after adding Texas and OU. One side of the conference is won by Texas or OU on most years. Onecside is won by OSU or Michigan most years. Everyone profits. And if everyone in tge B1G starts gwtting 62 million per ywar, Texas and OU will have plenty of clout.

Could UT and OU start their own conference?

(P5_OR_BUST) #140

If UT and OU both join the Big 10, it’ll be a powerhouse conference in every respect of the word. And yes you could see 2 power centers developing in the conference. A northern one around tOSU/Michigan, and a southern one around UT/OU. Given that the conference will be north heavy and because of historical linkages between tOSU/UM and other Big 10 schools, the southern power center will be much weaker.

The question UT and OU face is do they like being the only 800lb gorillas in a conference of midgets or would they find it acceptable to be 600lb gorillas in a conference with 2 or 3 800lb gorillas and a few 400lb gorillas too.

As far as UT and OU forming their own conference, isn’t that what the Big 12 really is? A conference of 8 ass kissers and 2 ass kissees?