Our games @rice @unt @utsa likely on Facebook (new c-usa tv deal)


top 9 football games for all c-usa get cbssports
then they have 2 different facebook partners, but in total the next best 18 games on facebook

no paywalls…

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I watched a bit of Con USA hoop tourney on facebook.
They were playing 2 games at once in a split gym like junior high school. It was hilarious in a sad…thank god its not UH way.

(Mark) #3

So CUSA is now the bottom FBS conference

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"A half-hour after Old Dominion tips off tonight in a quarterfinal game at the Conference USA basketball tournament in Frisco, Texas, another quarterfinal will commence, just on the other side of a partition in a 12,000-seat indoor football stadium.

It’s not quite like summer AAU basketball, where several games are played at once, but C-USA’s experiment – call it bold or call it desperate – of holding its tourney at the Dallas Cowboys’ practice facility is quite the departure from the norm."

(Patrick) #5

Basically tied with the Sun Belt at this point. Really should reshuffle those conference to make them regional. Save the schools a lot of money.