Our offense is tiring our defense

New QB time?

Bill O’brien is that you? :joy:


Too soon, Allen is struggling but he has the talent to come back. We need better play calling too

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That word is dangerous. We need execution, not talent.

Looks like you were right.

Allen need to be taken out or we lose.

I hate losing to ___ktard teams like this. :rage:

You’re replying to yourself lol

Our offense makes me tired too

Play calling has been close to the vest. Opened up when D’Eriq made his debut today as a receiver. (Collective breath of fresh air) Opened up again when Postma came in in relief. (Great flurry of action making one nostalgic of times past, but just too late to overcome the hand dealt.)

Is this another moment where the skill set of the field general is a mismatch with the offense as previously conceived? Reminds of the O’Korn situation.

I understand the crowd wanting to go 1-0 EVERY week. I also understand the perceived concern of the coaching staff (past/present) to withhold certain capabilities until the bigger games.

Was this game today a bigger game? Yes and no. For those of us who yearn for parity with the Power Five, yes. For those of us who remember the long gone SWC as youngsters, yes. For winning the current conference of residence, no.

Aggravating? yes. But that’s why we don’t mail it in. On to the next challenge…

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We weren’t holding anything back today. This is it! Suck rump! (Not telling you to suck rump but that our O sucks a fat one) Something needs to be done. We’re gonna get destroyed come conference time and I hate losing to memphish and smoo!

Omg… I made a joke today that we must be holding back our playbook for conference play and you’re actually making that argument.

There’s a good chance that losing this game knocks us out of NY6 Bowl no matter what happens the rest of the season. So if they were holding back for conference play (doubtful) that was really stupid

I would also argue holding back in any game is stupid if they are going to be regularly run the plays. You can practice a play all you want, but execution in games is different. You need as many real game reps as possible to make them comfortable running the plays. If a play has to be hidden to work, it’s likely going to only work that first time. We need more plays that work on a consistent basis

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