Our Top 2 DB's Did Not Play

Deontay Anderson and Marcus Jones. They were banged up and held out to make sure they are ready for conference play. The secondary should be better the rest of the year.


But but we have so much depth.


Neither were seen as our top DB… a case for 2nd and 3rd for both


If Marcus Jones is our top corner then he shouldn’t be returning punts.

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Not unusual to have a top WR or top DB return kicks or punts. Would you like some examples? You put your best person back there.


Deontay Anderson started the game, according to the UH stat sheet. Marcus Jones didn’t play.

Williams is the top DB and I don’t think it is even close. Maybe if I see more from Jones he could be closer. I pointed out in another thread that his loss did hurt a lot. With Anderson, it would have depended on which version of him played. Always better having him available either way.


Art Green will pay divendent down the line. He was heralded as the top juco cb with great size and speed

The officiating was biased towards BYU. They sucked big timeeee!!!


not having anderson and jones was huge against the byu offense,
we are always best when anderson is on the field imo.
also with the extra bodies we are fresher in the 4th.
they will be needed vs memphis, ucf and smu who all play fast and try to run you down in order to create opportunities

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Kinda like Jalen Waddle (best receiver AL) shouldn’t be receiving punts either? Gotta play who does it best at all positions.


This is where we need to add to our depth by recruiting more talent!

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Recruiting better is hard when the recruits see the other team has more fans than the home team. If people want our coaching staff to recruit better, they need to support better. It is hard enough to recruit against P5 teams, we don’t need to put our staff in an even bigger diasadvantage.


Did Garrison Vaughan play ?

Look, it is killing me that I have not been able to attend games, but I have a mother who has health issues that would make her getting Covid real severe. Me and my dad have had season tickets 10+ years and I’ve only missed like 5 home games. It get upset when I miss a UH game so not easy for me. We just decided it was not worth the risk to attend games due to Covid because of my mother’s health. There could be plenty of UH alumni in the same boat. Also I can understand if the alumni who are 65 or over are apprehensive to attend games. I am usually with you on attendance under normal circumstances but you can thank China for stupid Covid which is making this year hard on attenendence and reason we played a BYU team playing there 5th game and only the 2nd for UH.

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Covid-19 is a thang boo

If that were true we would’ve had Greg Ward returning punts.

he’s an all american caliber punt returner!! See his record for returns at Troy…and he is a top caliber corner, too…He and Anderson were much missed Friday night…Pretty sure Jones wouldnt have called a fair catch at his own 2 yard line!

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I don’t disagree with that at all. I do doubt that he’s our best corner as this thread was saying.

I would say we did. Leaders…

2013 Ward 2 3.0 average
2014. Ward. 9. 7.0 average
2015. Ayers 28. 10.5 average
2016. King. 6. 4.8 average


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