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This year, the Cougars will be hurt by Bell’s absence, who left the team earlier in the year. In all other areas, however, they have reloaded. Transfer sprinter Eli Hall-Thompson has helped fill the gap left by LeShon Collins. When healthy, Hall-Thompson was one of the top indoor sprinters and will find similar success once he recovers from an injury he suffered in February.

Didn’t know Bell left, explains his absence during indoor season.

Interesting about Bell. I did some research (and social media snooping), he is back in Ohio. Found a thread about him transferring, but doesn’t seem to be anywhere right now. Also appears to want to be a rapper, or is one. 5 weeks ago on Instagram he called himself a free agent and said UH called him a narcissist. Hope he doesn’t blow his talent, he has Olympic potential. Too bad we lost him.


I saw last night that he’s about to enroll at Miami (FL). Thanks for providing the info, helps fill in some of the blanks.

Guessing he wasn’t willing to train a certain way. Burrell and Lewis both don’t care about how many accolades you have, they always believe there are ways to get better and they can be hard on their athletes. Some take to it, others not so much.

Could also be why Burrell was overly proud of Chris Ibarra winning the 800M at conference indoors. Called it the “sweetest 10 points of my career.”

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