PA guy shtick

My wife noticed this in the first game, and ever since she pointed it out, it has kept me incredibly entertained. The PA guy has two very distinct voices he uses, one for when a Coog does something good, and an entirely different voice for when the opponent scores. I know this is standard; I’ve just never heard it so over the top. We have even named the two voices. EG:

Tractor-pull guy: THREEEEEE POINTS…MARRRRCUSSS SAAAAAAAASSER!!! (hit the reverb button)

(15 seconds later…)

Eyore: Three…points…Ian…Du…Bose.

Pay attention next time. It’s outstanding.


I enjoy the guy at our basketball games.

It’s the same shtick Matt Thomas uses at the Rockets games. Its really fantastic.


The new PA guy is John Paul Stevenson, the former Rockets PA guy.

Very professional and very good.


glad to see this thread. I was thinking the exact same thing while watching the game last night.

really helps set the tone for the games and makes a cool environment.

He did the same thing at Rockets games forever, always loved it.

What I noticed most last night, aside from the game itself, was the blood curdling scream by that girl every time we shot a free throw. It didn’t seem to bother our shooters, but it was annoying as hell.


They mentioned her on the radio broadcast too.

I don’t care for it (the announcer). But that’s just me. I think it is bush league and disrespect for the opposing team.
I realize that some people think it is cool. And it is all just opinion anyway.

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I was kind of hoping one of our FT shooters would pause long enough for her to run out of breath before shooting.

Not really, but something. She acted like she’s related to that low-rent #10 DB.



Heck I think she helped our players concentrate on the free throws…but you gotta give her credit, she never went hoarse and never fainted from being out breath lol…and hey, she hung in there until the bitter end…

Maybe the screamer’s planning to transfer from HBU up to Baylor and is just making preparations for her new environment - you know what I mean Vern?



Huh? Can you explain this more thoroughly?

Not funny.

That’s not funny. Actually the young lady is the daughter of an HBU assistant coach, Steven Key who is one of the nicest people on the planet and has gone through one of the most painful and tragic events you can possibly imagine over the last 10 years.


All I know is the PA announcer is 159 times better than the previous one who liked to say WHOOOSE BALLLLLL every single time we got the ball (it seemed). Much, much more professional and definitely adequate to the new digs we’re playing in.

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Now if we can get a PA guy for football who knows our roster and and will not call out the wrong names.
I could go on with more examples of his miscues but really don’t need to after not knowing the team he is supposed to be supporting.

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Sorry for the family. She was still very obnoxious.