Pac-12 has "multiple bids

What’s the difference between a media deal and finding investors? cfp has nothing to do with education. It is business first and education…maybe.That is the harsh reality of what ncaa sports means today. Why do you think uta does not want us in the small12? Our recruiting area has proven, is proven and will prove that it affects their possibility of winning. Football athletes are being used and the nfl is a major culprit. Baseball has the minor leagues, basketball has the “one and done” Football? It has the cfp. The cartel is making mega bucks and the top recruits galvanize the nfl draft. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

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It seems like this is what the PAC is doing, dangling who wants a piece of the PAC through investments.
Usually a conference goes to a school like Rutgers and says we like your market, you’re in. Well, what if a conference said who wants to pay the conference to get in. A conference with Arizona’s, UNLV, Utah and Colorado would all be sweet roadies…

It sure would. What great retirement it would be.

This was my thought.

NO…I will just miss a lot of games !

That’s why DVRs were invented…time shifting !!

“requiring teams to play at least 10 Power Five opponents each season in order to be under consideration to make the College Football Playoff. The thought process would be that it could help smooth the inequity of some leagues (like the SEC and ACC) playing eight conference games and others playing nine (like the Big 12, Pac-12 and Big Ten).”

Great find, thank you for posting Sam. Some have mentioned that the PAC might play some games in China or Japan.
Time difference by hours with Japan (13), China (12) and New York.
This article is significant and could very well be the first public comment that the PAC is looking at expanding. This might be the biggest expansion news since the last realignment.
There is not a chance that a college athlete or any athlete will gear up to play a 9 a.m. p.s.t. on the West coast. I am not buying the Coaches cool aid. Not a chance it will happen.

Words cannot accurately express how much UH needs to be in a P5.


If the money is right the schools will play games at 9:00 am Saturday and the kids that want to play for a PAC team will in fact participate.

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You might get the athletes read by 9:00 but you aren’t getting fans in the stands by 9:00.

Yep, we can’t even get fans in stands by 11am lol

I would rather play at 9am than 11am in september


Any tax attorneys that would like to weigh in on this.

I would think that Athletic conferences are set up as non-profits. 501(3)©.

If they are taking in equity investors that would seem to force some reorganization.

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