Pac-12 has "multiple bids

What’s the difference between a media deal and finding investors? cfp has nothing to do with education. It is business first and education…maybe.That is the harsh reality of what ncaa sports means today. Why do you think uta does not want us in the small12? Our recruiting area has proven, is proven and will prove that it affects their possibility of winning. Football athletes are being used and the nfl is a major culprit. Baseball has the minor leagues, basketball has the “one and done” Football? It has the cfp. The cartel is making mega bucks and the top recruits galvanize the nfl draft. Is that a coincidence? I think not.

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It seems like this is what the PAC is doing, dangling who wants a piece of the PAC through investments.
Usually a conference goes to a school like Rutgers and says we like your market, you’re in. Well, what if a conference said who wants to pay the conference to get in. A conference with Arizona’s, UNLV, Utah and Colorado would all be sweet roadies…

It sure would. What great retirement it would be.

This was my thought.

NO…I will just miss a lot of games !

That’s why DVRs were invented…time shifting !!