Pandemic Stats

One of my mutual funds (Baron Funds) turned me on to BNTX which partnered with Pfizer to create a vaccine for the Wu. Needless to say, it’s exploded in price and made me very happy.

In Ron Baron’s quarterly letter he said this about pandemic statistics:

During the COVID-19 pandemic, three million individuals have so far died. As difficult as it is to
comprehend the enormity of this tragedy, those deaths represent only 0.04% of Earth’s 7.5 billion
population. In prior epochs, a COVID-19-like tragedy would have been worse. To give you a
sense of medical advances in the past 100 years, during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, also
caused by a virus with avian origin, experts estimate that more than 50 million died. That
represented 3.3% of the Earth’s then estimated 1.5 billion population. Further, during
the Bubonic Plague in 1350, an estimated one-third of Earth’s 475 million inhabitants were
stricken and more than 50 million, more than 10% of Earth’s population, died! Yikes!!!

If you wanted to read more about what Ron discussed:

Thanks Chris for the link and I’ll try to read it later
today. Hope thread doesn’t run afoul of the banned
topics :slight_smile:

It shouldn’t since is just stats about pandemics history.

Right, and congrats on your financial home run.

The question, as always, is it too late to still get in ?
Per the Baron’s article, perhaps not.

mRNA is a platform technology with potential applications for the treatment of serious infectious and genetic diseases in addition to COVID-19…and, of cancer, too! mRNA technology has been studied for more than 30 years.

The brainwashed still won’t believe it.

It is not too late NRGCoog. mRNA is one of many that has an amazing future in front of them.

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