Panic in the Pac-12 as conference quickly falls behind rivals


My only thought is that Larry Scott is on thin ice. Thoughts?


I’m thinking jimaz and several posters on this site who thought joining the pac Would require a buyin plus years of diminished shares to pay for equity in the pac network were completely off-base.

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“I think if you look at the overall athletic budgets of the top 25 largest (public) athletic budgets in the country, I think the Pac-12 only has two schools that are even on that list,” Washington State President Kirk Schulz told USA TODAY Sports. “I do think it’s harder to compete for coaches. It’s harder to build facilities. It’s harder to do the things we would like to do with less revenue coming in compared to (other leagues). I do think it puts us at a disadvantage.”


We feel for you. Really.


EXACTLY!!! Boo hoo!

Considering what we have done with our scant amount of revenue, can you only imagine what we could do with the revenue of any of these P5 schools?


A legitimate question is, once we do make it into a P5, does the UH subsidy to athletics go down the same amount as the increased revenue from the new conference. Or even from the tv deal? That would be a net neutral result for UH athletics.

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I would think the concept would be the time revenue offers the subsidy, and the increase interests in our home games for our programs result in the department becoming much more self sufficient. Just a WAG though, it makes sense to me at least.


Very good question. I think 1985coog is pretty spot on with his response.

I’ve heard several people say on here how they feel it is bad for us to join the Pac12 because of time zone. I think that is one of the biggest reasons why we should join the Pac12. We offer multiple times slots for them which they desperately need. This allows exposure to their marquee teams and their up-and-coming teams.

So not even considering what it does for them for recruiting and competing with the big 12 and SEC, giving them exposure at new timeslots should be a huge bargaining chip for revenue etc.

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There will be WAY more interest in UH once UH is P5. Within 5 years of joining a P5 conference, we would probably need to expand the stadium. Even if you cut the subsidy by 75%, 25% of the current subsidy + 20K+ season ticket holders + 20M TV revenue a year would more than cover any cuts in subsidy

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How Larry Scott is making the most money of any Conference Commissioner, much less still have a job, is beyond me.

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For example: