PAPN: Congrats in advance to 2018 national champion Wyoming

Couple of Cougar items in the podcast


- Wyoming’s defense really might be that good
- Colorado State’s defense really might be that bad
- Hawaii: TBD
- Bill went to Vegas for the International Football Betting Conference and observed gamblers in their natural habitat (and also watched the Houston-Rice line change a lot)
- Godfrey’s got his annual BIG, BOLD PREDICTIONS: Playoff bids (Pac-12 in, Big Ten champ out)! Defensive players as Heisman finalists (and not just Ed Oliver)! SEC coach firings (Vandy might not do it)! West Virginia (Holgorsen and the Mountaineers in a long-term marriage?)!

Wyoming’s pretty good. I think they beat Boise State and contend for the MW if not for NY6

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