PAPN discusses Houston to the PAC 12

(Patrick) #1

The duo answers a question about the PAC 12 and possible expansion and bring up Houston:

They pick it up at 1:05:00 and start by discussing UNLV to the PAC 12 and goes through around 1:13:30

I find it funny that Godfrey thinks that we’d have to be talked into joining the PAC 12. If we’re offered, I think all of us would be on board.


My guess and it is only a guess, is that this is where we will end up.

(Brad) #3

UH is perfect for the PAC 12. If there was a viable 2nd partner, we’d already be there IMHO.

(Nick K) #4

if i were pac12 i would take a look at UH and UTSA. UTSA is a good school with a solid and growing fanbase in sat. they have a great stadium in the alamo dome and no future in the nfl…a top ten us city in population…it’s gets you solidly into texas and gets each pac 12 team a better chance to travel to texas every year for recruitment visibility.
pac 12 may not like the utsa academic and research profile, but I am ignorant of thier academic standing.

(itcoog) #5

We aint going.


The only ‘talked into’ for UH:

Renu’s Secretary: “Line one for you. Its the Pac Twe…”

Renu: “Hello, this is Renu and we’d love to join the Pac12!”


Pac isn’t my P5 of choice, but UH might not have any other option if this day actually comes. No way in hell we stay in the AAC if we get a Pac invite.

I would kill for UH to be in the SEC though. That would boost our brand the most out of all P5 conferences. Pac-12 has been getting so much crap lately.


Oh yes we are joining! Especially since the B12 doesn’t want us.


I can see PAC adding Houston and Hawaii or Houston and New Mexico.


Wow, that recording was really selling UH to the PAC12.


Define growing fanbase… Their average attendance has decreased every season with the exception of 2016 when it went up 27 people.

In 2011 (1st year) they were at 35k. 2nd year 29k. By 2015 23k. And last year an all time low of 22.8k. UH would have probably skewed that up to almost 25k, but like us, you don’t want attendance to rely on opponents’ fans


No possible way the Pac only adds one central time zone school. If they move into the central time zone, they’re taking two. They won’t leave the Texas school on an island.


And for good reason. Currently the PAC represents 6 states, California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah. Of those states only California is a major high school recruiting area. By adding Houston they will add a major state supported research university with a nationally recognized athletic program in the third largest state by population, the eighth largest media market, and a premier high school recruiting area. We will add value to the PACTV and their primary media contract. Just to sweeten the deal both UH and the City of Houston have strong ties to Asia.


This is something I mentioned under a different topic and is in addition to what is talked about under this topic.

Although the Big 12 would be the best fit because of proximity, the PAC 12 may be the next best fit since UH is located in a large metropolitan like 7 of the PAC 12 schools. Flying between large cities is much cheaper that flying to Sticksville U., 600 miles away. Houston would also give the PAC 12 another major TV market.

Metropolitan population
UCLA - Los Angeles, 13,310,447
USC - Los Angeles, 13,310,447
UH - Houston, 6,772,470
California - Oakland/San Francisco, 4,679,166
Arizona St. - Phoenix, 4,661,537
U. of Washington, Seattle, 3,798,902
Stanford - San Jose, 1,978,816
U. of Utah - Salt Lake City, 1,186,187

(Thomas Hitchcock) #15

UH, UNLV, Tulane, and Boise would be 4 fun teams/cities to add.


Boise? What’s in Boise other than blue turf and mountains?


Good baked potatoes? Maybe a nice potato vodka?


Tulane??? Man, some of you come up with wild ideas. A conference isn’t going to opt for a program simply because of a city. smh


Boise is not even on the radar because of academics. I don’t think that Tulane is a candidate for the same reason Rice isn’t, they are a very small private university. I think the 4 most likely would be UH, UNLV, New Mexico, and Hawaii. If the b12 collapses and UT goes BIG or Indy and OU, OSU goes SEC then the 4 best for PAC would be UH, TT, New Mexico and Hawaii.