(Russel ) #1

Where would be the best place to park if your getting there around 5 pm?

(Alfred Matthews) #2

parking lot at tdecu stadium for free. take the shuttle (the busses are already there) to tsu. they bring you back as well.

(Russel ) #3


(Brad) #4

Side street was the best spot, but it cost me a ticket…cost some other dudes a tow.

(Alfred Matthews) #5

dang sorry to hear that.

i parked on elgin by the mcdonalds. its free after 5.

(Russel ) #6

My buddy did the same thing. It was 70 bux lol

(Brad) #7

“lol”??? man, with friends like these…

(gpropes) #8

I think the school should have done a better job of emphasizing what a clusterf**k parking and getting into the arena would be.

I left my office at Woodway/Voss at 4:40, parked on Blodgett around the corner from the arena, and was in my seat by 5:30.

(Jimmy Morris) #9

It kinda bewilders me how few people have realized how super convenient and cheap using the metro rail works out. Especially on high traffic games.

(shharper01) #10

were there any signs saying not to park there? I often park on side streets across from Yates.

(Cathy) #11

It’s either FB or email from UH that I received. It said TSU parking will be a problem due to classes so they encouraged everyone to take the shuttle.


Didn’t help things that parking was a mess at the stadium where the shuttles are. Oh well, live and learn… we shouldn’t have to deal with this again.