We had:



Still too many but it seemed like on offense it didn’t hurt us at all…

We had 38 yards in penalties…

The 57 yards were penalties on Rice.

I can live with 38 yards in penalties !!

Note: the 10 yard penalty on Corbin in first quarter for an illegal block was amazing…I have never seen Corbin block !!! Maybe we have progress !!!

Thanks… I couldn’t understand how to read the stat… look here… is that true only 38 yards?!

At least that is how I understood it…

Use to be characterized as “yards gained via penalty”. Guess that was too straight forward:sunglasses:

I thought those numbers seemed high. I just remember the false start, a holding, off pass interference, and one defensive pass interference. I missed one any idea what it was.

There was also a face mask on one of our LB’s.

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I remember now that you said it there was a lot of traffic and our defender got his hands up high and grabbed the face mask.

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