Penn state (totally not UH football)

Penn state puts out a tweet that they have had a player play on every super bowl. And in the fine print they except 5. The internet reacts accordingly. Ole Miss with the win.

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UMBC with the win. That twitter was hilarious after upsetting Virginia.


I wonder how many year UH has had guys in the SB?

Elandon Roberts in LIII. NE vs LA Rams.

Just going from the top of my head:

Sebastian Vollmer got two rings (I believe) with the Pats.

Newhouse probably got a couple with the Cowboys. Maybe Eugene Lockhart, also?

I think Glenn Cadrez and Allen Aldridge were on the Broncos winning SB teams.

Antowain Smith got a ring or two with the Pats.

Okay. I’m out for now. But I’m pretty sure there’d be a few more.

Newhouse did get 2.

Riley Odoms played for the Denver team that lost to the Cowboys.

Warren McVea played on the 1969 Chiefs Super Bowl Champs team.

Pedo State is dead to me. How they are still playing college football is a mystery. NCAA should have shut that evil program down and driven a wooden stake through it.


NCAA lost in court on that. PSU argued that the NCAA didn’t have the authority to punish them for the legal issues, as they were not defined by the NCAA rules. It wasn’t because they didn’t try to punish them. They just exceeded their authority to punish according to their own rules.

Was that in a courthouse located in State College, PA?

I guess the NCAA doesn’t have the authority to lookout for the safety and well-being of the athletes they govern…?

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Not once it crosses into the legal world,according to the courts because PSU sued and won, or the NCAA realized they were going to lose and dropped the penalties.

I’m not defending PSU, but the reason they were not severly punished wasn’t because of the NCAA. It was the courts that agreed with Penn States argument about the NCAA’s rules.

Simon Fletcher- one of the great Coogs no one ever talks about. Played in three for the Denver Broncos.

Don Bass for Cincinnati in 1981

Dan Birdwell for Oakland in 1967

Alois Blackwell Cowboys 1978

Guy Brown Cowboys 1977 and 1978

Glen Cadrez Denver 1997 and 1998

Larry Cole Cowboys (numerous times)

Mike Gisler Patriots 1996

Johnny Jackson 49ers 1989

Warren McVia Chiefs 1970

Robert Newhouse Cowboys

Antoine Smith Patriots 2001.

Sebastian Vollmer Patriots

Allen Aldridge denver 1997

There are probably more that I have missed.

Even though he didn’t play that season, Ward got a ring with the Eagles.

Little bit of Coog trivia, a Coog has only scored one touchdown in the Super Bowl. Who was it?

Johnny Jackson, who had all of the interception runbacks in our 60-40 thumping of UT, got at least one SB ring with the 49ers.

Antowain Smith?

Ding Ding Ding we have a winner.

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