Per, Blake Gideon will be new Safeties/Special Teams Coach

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Also from that report:

Houston: Joseph Duarte who covers UH for the Houston Chronicle tweets this afternoon he can confirm our report that Tim Deruyter has been Dana’s target for defensive coordinator. Duarte adds that Oklahoma assistant Kerry Cooks is also “being looked at for job on the defensive staff“.

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Wow. Going for another p5 staffer. Rewriting the book, baby!

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National. Search. Love it.

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Poaching one of Oklahoma’s ace recruiters? Yes please!


The Oklahoma defensive staff didn’t set the world on fire this year. First DC was fired and the interim was not retained so adding a coach from that staff may not necessarily be an upgrade.

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They were good enough to get to the playoff.

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Why do you insist on manhandling our enthusiasm with your facts?


I just spent about 2.5 hours this week listening to the pundits in Oklahoma on the radio talk about how bad the OU defense was this year. I’m up there 1-2 times a month and it’s been the same thing all year long. In fairness the “experts” have questions about the talent on defense in addition to the coaching and the effort. If the talent isn’t there, you have to question the recruiting. If the effort isn’t there you need to find somebody that gives a rip and get them on the field.


Maybe a new special teams coach can teach the Puntah how to actually punt.

A D1 punter should be able to kick more than just rugby style, end over end every time - even when they are pinned deep.


Was holding out a sliver of hope that Levine was going to drop his box of chicken nuggets and come help elevate our special teams and recruiting.

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Levine states: " It was my pleasure" to be considered :joy::joy::stuck_out_tongue:

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Blake Gideon was really impressive in college. He was a four year starter at safety from day one (52 starts) and is the son of a coach. If he had caught an interception vs Texas Tech that would have led Texas to a national championship, he’d be a Longhorn legend. He actually really was a coach on the field.

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But what about the fact that he is from UT? Will the ones that hated CMA because before he coached his first game continuously hammer him like they did Major?


Damn we look P5 as hell

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What exactly is an “Offensive Assistant Coach”?


Hope we don’t have any really bad offensive games. But if we do, expect some on this board to claim that applewhite took over playcalling that game.