Permanent University Fund

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The only way to change this is to inform the general public. How many percent of Texans know about the PUF? It is purely immoral.
There is one thing that is always left out. Accountability, accountability on how the PUF is spent. This should not be a political debate. It should be a debate about furthering education. The very basic fact that the PUF is for two Universities instead for all Texas public Universities tells everyone all there is to know.
Someone has to ask the following question:
Can the ut system survive itself without the PUF? IT CAN’T that is why they are against any types of further sharing. The cow is getting bigger every single day…
The entire State of Texas should look at U of H as an amazing success story.


The system is rigged against us.

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Has everyone seen this?


UT System is an arrogant system that is flooded with cash. They’re speculating with tax payers money.

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I’m curious as to what % of average Chicagoan’s own cars versus Houston? Chicago is not as near as sprawling as Houston. Chicago’s population density is 2 1/2 times larger than Houston. Chicago 12,000/sq mile versus Houston 3,500/sq mile. *

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Interesting proposal.

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This is an ongoing education scandal. Until this fund is equally divided among public universities it will remain a scandal. How many Texans even know that the PUF exists or the reason it was created in the first place? Thank you for posting.

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Todd Stone at the Chronicle thinks that everyone in Texas knows what the PUF is. I have a hard time believing it.

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He went to atm…need we say more? Anyone that has gone to uta or atm and is now working at the chron is usually one sided. Isn’t amazing that the chron is Houston’s paper but is so biased against UH? Dare I say FAKE NEWS?

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Yes, this is Texas Exes, bit it does a good job explaining the PUF with some UT slant thrown in.

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Hmmm…circling of the wagons

On Wednesday, the UT System announced that Chancellor Bill McRaven has decided to relinquish his seat on the nonprofit investment company’s nine-member board of directors so that the UT System Board of Regents can name an A&M System representative to the position. The A&M System would thus have three representatives or appointees rather than two on UTIMCO’s board.

And on Thursday, the investment company’s board is expected to tweak the company’s formal name to the University of Texas/Texas A&M Investment Management Co. The company will continue to go by UTIMCO for short.

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There is a bill to expand the PUF to tech and Houston going up for review soon. Get a load of the letters TU and A&M sent to their alumnus

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It is unbelievable how the uta message is all about rewriting history. I know I am preaching to the choir here but every Texas news organization should pick up on this. The argument here is that uta and atm became what they are today is only because of the PUF. Without it where would they be today?
The PUF was created for public education. uta could/should have seen a major University coming to Houston besides Rice. To not create a la UC system a Houston branch is only their fault. Again, atm HAD TO SUE to get their meager 30% share. These #$#@uta alums rewrote and took control of the PUF for their own benefits.

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The problem is that UTA has alums that are in control of most of the news departments in the state.

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Meanwhile, the amount the UT System has spent on its general administration quadrupled since 2011 to a peak of $143 million in the last academic year. And it has committed huge sums to some controversial initiatives proposed by the past two UT chancellors, including:

$215 million to buy 300 acres of empty land in Houston, with no concrete plans for how to use it. After a political backlash, the system now says it plans to sell the land.

$100 million devoted to an in-house educational technology startup that has struggled to meet its goals.

$141 million on a new 17-story office tower in expensive downtown Austin to house hundreds of system employees.

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Audit…What about an audit? Yes, it is probably too much to ask. For those against other public Schools (yes, all Texas public Schools) getting a share of the PUF that should open your eyes. Wasteful spending, corruption what best describes this?


To be fair, if we’re going to keep fighting this fight, we need to include all public Tier 1 Research Universities in Texas. Those would be, according to The Carnegie Foundation, UT at Austin, UT at Arlington, UH, UNT, Texas A&M, UT at Dallas, and Texas Tech University.

I think it would be good for the funds to be restricted for academic purposes, including scholarships for academically qualified students so they don’t graduate with $100,000 of debt.

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This was during the UT regents meeting today. The same guy also mentioned that the state was seeing too many med schools being built.