Personal attacks = suspension and / or permanent removal

We really really hate to have to do this. But it’s getting out of control. Mods of weary. Soooooo…

Personal insults, name calling, and personal attacks of fellow posters will result in suspensions.

1st offense = 2 day ban
2nd offense = 30 ban
3rd offense = permenant removal

If someone insults you FLAG IT, do not respond in kind. For those who think this is censorship or squashing debate… not at all. You can disagree without insulting someone.

Lastly, an insult is not something someone says you don’t like. It’s name calling and crass judgements of other posters.

Thank you. - Coogfans

Hi Portland Coog, thanks for this very needed post. I have been reading this forum for a year now and I have noted there are a handful of people here who really need to tone it down. I don’t know if I will keep posting and/or reading because to be honest there is a lot of bullying being done by these few same angry and bitter individuals. I don’t suffer fools that much any more in my older age. This forum also has a lot of very kind and good people by the way; it’s the nasty ones however who sometimes get all the attention. On another note, I have tried three different times over the year to add to the tip jar but without any success. I’ll give it another try this weekend and let you know if I am successful or not. Thanks again for this post! Kindest regards, peggy

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Thank you Peggy. Most and I mean just about everyone on here is fabulous. Anonymity tends to bring out things in people that otherwise wouldn’t come out. That being said, we are proud of this board and the members on it.

Hope you will stick around. There is a block/ignore function on here if you don’t want see or hear from a poster. Otherwise, flag a post if you think it questionable. Whomever flags a post can only be seen by admin.

Thank you PortlandCoog.

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