Personality how does Applewhite

Compare to pardee or yeoman?

I’m pretty sure Herman didn’t act at Ohio State like he did at Houston. Most coordinators are a tone downed version of themselves. Head coaches don’t like coordinators to do the talking for them. Orlando really shined in his first press conference as interim head coach.

I expect CMA to be a very classy coach. To quote what he told Hunter (according to Hunter) his time has passed and he’s been a star and doesn’t need it again.


He’s apparently very fiery and passionate. JD said he was surprised to hear that as it isn’t something he sees, but it’s hard to see because CMA is in the press box most games.

Supposedly very good with relationships.

That’s what I heard too. I saw where TF was commenting about the overwhelming support from both current players and recruits. I think Smith coming out saying the “door is shut” on his recruiting says a lot about CMA. You never know but this may also play a role in the future with other recruits between CMA and Herman.

I think he’s the perfect representative for the “underdog program” seeing as how he’s played QB at the highest level as an underdog himself. The confidence, or “swag” of the #HTownTakeover will continue under his leadership. This I have no doubts of.


I can’t find it but there is a video of him on the LHN at a practice. He’s plenty fired up with the players and they know what he expects. He just isn’t one of those guys who feels a need to put on a big public show. Herman sucked the air out of the room when he walked in. Applewhite won’t do that.

Kinda reminds me of a story about Bob Hope - and I say that knowing that some here will ask, “Who’s Bob Hope?” Anyway, one day one of his kids was in the kitchen with his Mom whey Bob pulled up in the driveway. The kid, looking through the kitchen window, saw him get out of the car and turned to Mom and said, “Look Mom. Here comes Bob Hope.” Drum roll please. We don’t need that anymore. Thankfully.


He even said during the presser, “I don’t smile much.” I expect him to be intense.

Funny you bring my this up… I was in a flight DALLAS to Houston. I see a guy wearing UH gear. I go up and say nice shirt, did you go to UH? “No, I’m a football coach there” and he walks off… a-hole blew me off… looked for his pic in the current staff but didn’t see it…

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