(Randy Randel) #1

We lost our 3rd conference game last season by 18 points

Higher-ranked Auburn and Ohio State both lost on the road tonite, Auburn by 15

I still think we are a better team at this point than we were last season. Different yes, but better. We really didn’t take off until late January, early February. As the one announcer repeated numerous times, our ceiling is really high with our best basketball ahead of us

(JohnnyCougar) #2

All true but I am still indescribably pissed.

I’d rather lose by a desperation 3 than to have a game stolen like that.

(Dan) #3

Just look what it took to beat us. CKS teams have always bounced back from a loss. You can make the argument we got jobbed but we also made some uncharacteristic mistakes down the stretch. We learn and fight on.

(Marcus) #4

I feel sorry for Wichita State on Saturday.

(Munzell Milluns) #5

We are better at the same point in the season. However, it remains to be seen if we’ll be better than The H of last year’s conference tourney.

(Randy Randel) #6

I agree but the potential is definitely there. That team reached it’s potential. If this one does we will have a very fun March.


Wichita is 7-7. We should plaster them by 20.


I usually get pretty down when I feel the Coogs should win…in any sport. But, I found myself surprisingly not so down at all from this loss and realized that it was because I saw that even with certain aggravating challenges, the Coogs still lost by basically only 2 points away from home. And to think that they still have not peaked.

I’m still very stoked about this season.



I hate to say it but the final play was a charge! Dadgumit!

(Jason) #10

Coogs haven’t lost consecutive regular season games in almost two years (1/19/2017).

(Jason) #11

You would be correct, sir! Tough call to make at that point of the game, but a charge nonetheless.

(David) #12

While it was likely a charge by rule, you don’t typically see that call made in that situation unless the guy plows into the defender. If you recall the loose ball scramble, the Temple player who ran through Robinson to get the ball and then Robinson with his takedown of that guy both fouled if you follow the rulebook. However, nothing was called. It is a judgment call by the ref but most would swallow the whistle at that point.

(Jason) #13

Yes, those you cite would actually be considered ‘no-calls.’

(David) #14

And the drive by Davis should have been a no call. Glad we agree.

(Jason) #15

I didn’t really have a problem with the call though. It was a legit charge.

The technicals that were handed out were a little more iffy, IMO. Those wouldn’t be considered ‘no-calls,’ per se – just a little more questionable in that there were probably no true violations to warrant a tech. Sampson’s T was completely uncalled for; Armoni’s (while more of a violation), you could argue was incidental in that he was trying to stay out of the way of those beneath him below the rim.

I don’t remember the third one that was called. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.

(David) #16


I think Armoni would have been ok if he hadn’t reached up for the ball to grab it again. That made it look like (at least to me) that he wasn’t hanging to avoid landing on someone. That was just a stupid play by Armoni.


If you feel off balance you have to save yourself.


Can someone pull up the last play? I was listening to 950 am and heard it live over radio…I would like to see it.

(Dan) #20

You can also argue that the ball was about to hit him in the head if he didn’t reach up for it. It’s a dangerous play when a kid is hanging on the rim ball goes high straight up in the air and is coming down on him. They could have called it a violation instead of a tech in the name of player safety, they do that with similar rim plays all the time but either that or the tech is an acceptable call.

Or the dumb ball could have just gone in the hoop on a great play by Armoni that would have got the team excited but no no we’re the in and out club this year. Hoop Gods hate us and we’re still 15-1. Can’t wait for more of those to go in in March, we’re due.