(Sam) #1

Did you hear something about Guiton being considered for OC? I always support our coaches 100% until there’s no reasonable doubt that they can’t get it done (see Levine after UTSA), but hiring Guiton as OC when I think he should be replaced as WR coach would push me over the edge on MA.


i heard he would be considered …they say he is no where near a lock,and probably not even the top option. but yeah i agree i would not like him to be our OC at this current point in time in his career

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The fact is if that’s where we are at in the OC search… Then we should get CMA’s buyout ready ASAP.


i wouldnt look too deep into guiton being a candidate…it could just a be a courtesy to his staff…but if he is hired, then ill have a problem


We couldn’t afford to send the cheerleaders or pep band to Hawaii so I doubt there’s buyout money available unless fertita ponies it up.

(Bryant Hargrave) #6

I guess I have an issue with even a courtesy interview for him. It’s not like he has any length of experience that would suggest he’s ready to make the leap. It’s also not like our receivers set the world on fire this year.

(Tom) #7

Wouldn’t be surprised if he is promoted. Par for the course. Houston is stuck with Major at least until end of 2019.


The slimmest thought of this happening is causing me to be depressed

(itcoog) #9

Have not heard that but if he does a get promoted I am on the fire applewhite bandwagon. Btw Sam weren’t you a huge applewhite fan? What happened?

(Mike Higdon) #10

No Sam, I haven’t until your post. Where did you hear it; was it from the horses mouth or from a rumor?


not the horses mouth, Just some people i know in UH

(Sam) #12

When Herman left, I became a huge fan of finding a way to avoid hiring a new coach every two years. I don’t think a program can be successful doing that because you essentially lose two of four recruiting classes. So I thought the Boise/TCU/Navy/etc. model may work here. Who would have thought Niumatalolo or Peterson or Patterson would have been excellent head coaches? I would have been fine with Orlando; I preferred Applewhite because of his recruiting chops. We still lost a lot of the class (the recruiting guys say we were going to lose many of them even if Herman had stayed) but kept Bryson Smith and a few others who were committed and added some talented “under-the-radar players” like Payton Turner (no offers), Grant Stuard, David Anenih, DJ Small, Davion Mitchell, etc., thanks in part to MA’s connections.

IMO, there are about maybe 10 coaches in college football who are real difference makers and about 10 who are inept and waiting to be fired. The rest are somewhere in the middle, which is where I thought Applewhite would be. And I think he probably still will be. I actually like the idea of playing defense and running the ball some. That’s what championship teams typically do. See conference champion UCF this year, conference champion Temple last year, and conference champion UH the year before. But we need to actually read on the read option and be balanced, and I’d like to see us more aggressive on defense.

Having said that, this season was as much about marginal QB play as it was coaching. Gotta have a really good QB in this offense, and we didn’t. Allen didn’t fit, Postma was a backup, and King had hardly practiced at the position. Even so, if MA were to make a bonehead move like hiring a guy who was a GA a year ago and who said something like he looked to Dunbar and Bonner for guidance as a position coach, well, that would really cause me to re-evaluate my position. I’m attached to the idea of establishing something here, which we did in 15 and 16, and keeping it rolling, not any particular person.

I agree Tulsa and Tulane shouldn’t have happened, that we should have won another game or two (but it’s college football, not a video game; things don’t always go your way. Witness 2-8 in '75, 6-5 in '77, 7-5 in '80, etc.) and that he should upgrade the staff, but he’s going to be the coach in 2018. So he has my full support until I’m convinced he can’t get it done, just as Levine did until I watched that UTSA debacle and wrote a letter to administration requesting he be replaced. I’m sure that letter made all the difference!

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(Cristian) #14

The WR didnt make key catches this year. If hes not coaching the recievers where they need to be how can we trust him as a OC. What is going to change in the offense if thats all he has seen as a coach.

(itcoog) #15

What a cluster we have hired ourselves into.

(Bill Goodman) #16

The Hawaii game convinced me that CMA should never call another offensive play. I still think he can be a good Head Coach and do and say all the things necessary there, BUT he has to hire a good Offensive Coordinator and get out of the way. We will never have another hire powered offense with him meddling. We lost our OC after 1 year and he took on paper a demotion, but in reality a QB coach at a P5 team is a much better job than an OC at Houston.

One other move that must be made, get rid of the DC. With a player like Oliver, his schemes are wasting his talent and his DB’s still have no idea how to cover a wide receiver or anyone.

(Patrick) #17

Lark’s catch against USF was pretty big. Dunbar was named MVP of the Bowl game, in a loss, and he didn’t do that just standing around. Receivers caught the ball just fine this year. Blocking, however…

Guiton is an unknown. Could be a prodigy, could be a Bush, could be somewhere in between. Won’t make any rash decisions if he is hired.

I will say this, those of you on the Briles train are going to be severely disappointed. No chance he’s coming here.


So I’m starting to think it’s not Guiton but somebody who is currently coaching in a bowl game, Why else would it take so long? Last year Brian Johnson was announced as our offense of coordinator on December 27. Mississippi State played in the St. Petersburg bowl on December 26. This is just speculation on my part but I think our new OC will be named when whatever bowl game they are coaching in is concluded


What I have heard was Guiton was moving to coach the QB! I really don’t see him being the OC and whoever comes in will not call it. Major will still call as he did all year long! The real reason why BJ left!


The scenario you described sets up nicely for someone like drew mehringer to take over. My initial thought was whoever is going to be our OC also needs to be a qb coach. However, if guiton moves over to qb coach and is not OC we now need an OC and wr coach. Under this scenario Mehringer checks all the boxes-former OC (1 year at Rutgers), wr coach, runs our crappy offense and is still coaching in a bowl game. As an added bonus he was an absolute failure running one of the worst offenses in football during his one year at Rutgers and major has shone an affinity for reclamation projects- look at his first coordinator hires. I’m starting to think this might happen