Pgh driveway for rv lots?


We haven’t been able to hang out with our friends in the rv lot as much because they are now so darned far away. What is the street that dead ends at PGH used for during te game? That would make a great rv tailgate street.

(J V ) #2

That makes sense. I like it.

(Nick K) #3

send it in to athletics dept…great idea


Y’all should just illegally park on closed Cullen and takeover that junk! Fudge that!!! I want my tailgaters!!! :+1:


Don’t know but probably has to be kept clear as a fire lane.

(J V ) #6

I really lik it. RV alley. Give them a window to get in and out of and it would work without affecting game day events by the stadium it would actually enhance the “festive “ feel as it put them closer to main entrances of the stadium.