Piped in crow noise

I didn’t realize they were piping in some artificial crowd noise until the first time a player got hurt and the stadium got quiet except for it. Not sure if I am a fan of it or not, but maybe we should shut it off during injuries.

I loved it. Would like it to be permanent.

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Why? It’s fake noise.


Crow noise would be fun at the Halloween game!

Oh, wait…nevermind


The piped in “music” and such is so loud and annoying that it is ruining the in stadium experience. Last night was the worst time I have ever had at a UH home game. I am going to bring ear protectors with me to the next game.


Since the band was in centered in the end zone, I could hear them a lot better than I normally do and so it seemed like there was a lot less music from the speakers than usual

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I complained about that early and often last year. Apparently, they don’t care.

They really don’t care. They say the kids love it.

I sat on the top row under the scoreboard for the first time–it was loud.

But I didn’t heart any artificial crowd noise.

I don’t think we need music or talking every second of every pause of the game. I’d rather talk to my neighbor. But I guess that’s what getting old does for one.


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