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I suppose these could mean anything, but something’s rotten in Denmark…

I think there is a locker room rift, or the players know Herman has been measuring for new curtains. I dunno, but something’s up.

I am a huge Herman fan and I think this is a true test for Herman, and he can do a lot to clear up this mess. I hope he will take some steps that work.

You should go view JD periscope. He said that the reason for the issues is internal strife with the players. Not realted to Herman to anywhere. I would not read too much into these tweets.

I’m banking on locker room rift. JD said he heard from a player that a rift was created after the Adams/Bowser fight. Makes sense and explains a lot. Of course, my first thought on reading Oliver’s tweet was that the team bought their own hype and started assuming they were going to do special things this year. Maybe that’s just me.

Herman has been saying since the beginning of the season that there were no natural leaders on this team. I think he tried to make Greg Ward and Matthew Adams those guys, but it hasn’t worked. You either are a leader or you aren’t and these guys aren’t. Hopefully someone will step up next year.

I hope you’re right… but this is turning into a PR disaster IMHO.

Also something else JD said is there is a lack of player leadership. Herman may leave and we have known that but this is all about players.

The fake love thing is from a new Drake song I believe.


It is a Drake song and many people are posting about. The timing isn’t great for us at the moment.

I’ve been thinking there must have been more to the Bowser-Adams deal than we know, because that was definitely the start of something bad for the team. Sometimes, it doesn’t work out to try to force guys to be leaders, or at least be a certain kind of leader. Unfortunately, you see the leadership issue happen with some groups, and no amount of coaching can fix it.

Time for a ropes course.

Where do we find periscope?

Agreed, when there is a leadership void, many try to fill that void often to disastrous results. Remember, this was also a team that basically imploded on itself 2 years ago with the whole O’Korn situation. Still some players in key roles leftover from that team.

It’ll be interesting to see how CTH responds, especially once the bye week comes. Does he begin a transition at that point if he feels that things aren’t working or does he stick with it. Good test for a young head coach.

I tweeted a link earliee

You can download the app on your smartphone, but if you follow Joseph Duarte’s Twitter account he’s usually pretty good about promoting them and posting the link.

Here’s the link to the thread. I’ll do a recap on it a little later

Injuries are a huge issue. They were before the Bowser/Adams incident. So I don’t buy the that Bowser getting injured from the fight and missing games because of it is the sole reason why the defense has turned upside down. I don’t think the defensive unit was that dependent on one player. But I do believe the incident may have caused some issues that appear to be lingering. So it’s a shame to see a lack of discipline on our player’s part. But if this account of a rift in the locker room is true, the coaches have done a terrible job of getting a hand on it.

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This whole fiasco makes me wish Kenneth Farrow and Elandon Roberts could have unlimited eligibility. Good gracious could we use their locker room presence right now.


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