Playoff chaos


What’s your doomsday scenario? Here’s mine.
B1G, B12, and SEC end up with 2 loss conference champs.
ACC has one loss champ and it’s Miami.
One loss non-conference winners who will claim worthiness: Wisconsin, if their loss is a close one and they play very well, I think they have a case. Alabama, who didn’t even win their division, will claim worthy. For this reason alone I want UGA to win CCG, so in theory there will be two teams who can claim superiority to Bama, Aubrn who beat them and UGA, if they beat Auburn.
So who gets in is not as important in my scenario as who doesn’t . the championship is a farce so I don’t care who wins it.

But, If Alabama and Wisconsn are voted into the playoff in favor of ANY two loss conference Champion, well then, pop some corn because that’s a fight that will be worth watching.

(zx504) #2

I just want TCU to beat Okie, by a lot.

(Trent) #3

We especially need the bug 10 to get left out. Their commissioner has been the agent of every change to the postseason structure since the 80’s, and only when he gets annoyed that his conference isn’t getting their rightful place in the championship. This is the fastest route to expansion.

Then we need the bug 12 to miss out to prove that their charade is not a solution and they made a major mistake last fall.

I’ll suck it up and let Bama in with the SEC winner and the two ACC teams, if both the bugs can suffer.

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The pic above:
12th Legion- the World Eaters. You a Warhammer 40k fan?

To add some more drama to Okie v TCU.

(JohnnyCougar) #6

Chaos is almost guaranteed. The only way there won’t be chaos is if Georgia, Clemson, Wisconsin and Oklahoma all win. I sincerely doubt that happens.

There’ll still be plenty of bitching regardless and that’s almost good enough for me.

What will really really really be fun to watch is if all four (or even just three) of those teams lose. We’ll run out of popcorn if that happens.

(PMM) #7


You chastise people for arguing among themselves and let this go thru ???


Is it me or does the Big12 conference produce the most D-Bags year in and year out?

(PortlandCoog) #9

Ummm… huh?

(PMM) #10

I guess you removed the picture with objectionable language on it. Thx