Please don’t be true….Coach Chadwell…

To A$M. This would be our second conference championship coach to leave this year. Money? Issues with the director of golf? Coach has brought so much visibility and success to the program. Athletes successful on the course and in the classroom. A real killer.

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Not surprising

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Disappointing since we just added funding to the program. My only guess is we still aren’t funded anywhere near A&M. Really no other reason to leave Houston for College Station in golf. Unless he did get into it with somebody else in athletics.

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Losing Hannah Screen to OU probably didn’t help. With her, this team is a national title contender. No idea why she left.

Guessing Chadwell just wanted another challenge and realized, with the P5s slowly taking over more, that he was possibly at his peak here. The Baton Rouge thing, especially after the Coogs unexpectedly slid right before, really pissed him off. Wish he had decided to stay and fight, but looks like he got enough money to “if you can’t beat em, might as well join em.”

Good luck to him…hope we can make another great hire.


Pretty simple, more money! The Ags have a lot of it compared us. They stole the HoF coach from USC with the prior hire 3 years ago. That one cost them big time and after three years they decided they didn’t like her. So off with her head and move onto the next coach. This is pretty standard MO for Aggy and Whorn.

They fired her after coming in 11th in SEC conference championship. But they were at Baton Rouge along with us, but they didn’t have their fired HoF coach with them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if just once, or twice, a UH head coach’s reply to an offer to leave…

no thank you, I’m happy here.

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Still listed as coach on the website. Keeping fingers crossed.

Coach Sampson did !


College Station is gross. The campus is gross. Their colors are gross. The only thing attractive about that place is green.



There’s a pretty good Golf Coach-Brandt Kieschnick right up I-45 at SHSU. He just lead them to a Top 10 finish at the NCAA Tourney. Has had many good teams over the 8-9 yrs he’s been HC. Played at Sam in mid-late 90s so not sure he would leave. But he recruits the area very well n may be able to come at not very high price. Biggest ? is would he leave his Alma Mater.

Edit: he is actually Coach for both the M/W Golf.

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He is head coach for both Ms and Ws teams.

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Yes, I have that in my post above.

And maybe the lady folk…

There are some pretty girls there

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