Please send get well wishes to the best UH mod

(Larry) #21

Best wishes Patrick you are incredible. Get better soon. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

(VancouverCOOG) #22

Get well soon, Patrick.


Ya Woo Patrick !!!

(Jeff Berger) #24

Praying for Patrick!

(Brad) #25

Prayers for healing, peace and perseverance.


Sorryto hear this, get well Patrick.

(Mark Ross) #27

I have come to depend on Coogfans and Pray primarily to keep up with UH sports, living almost 1000 miles away from Houston. Pray, you simply are the best. Get well sir


Feel better soon!! Enjoy talking Coogs football with you!!

(WRB) #29



What they said x’s infinity

(Tom) #31

Get welll soon Patrick . Board’s not same with you on the sideline


That’s terrible. God bless Pray, get well soon.


Hang in there, dude.

(Al) #34

Here’s hoping and praying for a speedy and complete recovery, Patrick.
All the best.


Prayers are with you and your family. Speedy recovery.

(The Merry Prankster) #36

Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Patrick. Looking forward to a complete recovery and having you back online!

(Class of 1981) #37

Wow, sorry to hear about Pray’s problem. I believe strongly in prayer and will pray for Patrick.

Increasing my activity here I see some people who I agree with often but none more than Patrick.

Get better my brother.



Thoughts and prayers to you on a speedy recovery to full health


Get well soon, Pray!


Thanks for all you do Patrick.

Get well soon!