Please take 2 minutes to support UH med school


Coog fans, alums, students, & anyone who calls Htown “HOME”… Please take a minute 2 click the link & enter your information. It will send a prewritten form letter 2 your elected representatives expressing support 4 University of Houston Med School :paw_prints: #EXTREMELYimportant #SupportUH

(Patrick) #2

I did this earlier and received emails back from our reps.

Strongly recommend.


My wife and I are both UH life members and got the email from UHAA, we filled out just basic info and it automatically sent it out to all the Texas officials. Got reply back from the Reps, please let them know you Coog care about the Medical School. Great job UHAA!!!

(Cristian) #4

I didnt get any emails back from our reps… smh

(Patrick) #5

Remember that when you vote next time.