Pluckers in Cypress


Anyone planning to rep the Coogs at Pluckers in Cypress?

(Ben B) #2

Going to the Ritz!!!


Unfortunately not 5 year old friendly. :joy:

Going to the Ritz!!!

(Albert) #4

Good way to learn about anatomy :grin:

(Coog) #5

My direct tv is acting up so I need to find some place to watch the Coogs. Is there any were on the North side of town where coogs are watching the game?

(J V ) #6

There is a viewing party at Mos in Cypress. They have the upstairs reserved for UH fans tonight.

Check out cyfair coogs on FB

(Coog) #7

Thanks. I believe I will watch the game at The draft in Kingwood. I have never been there but it is much closer and has good reviews.