Politics and UT Coaching Decision

After the Big 12 not expanding and the UT Houston issue, would it be politically stupid for them to hire Coach Herman right now?

Also, if they fire Strong now, he’d be the first coach at UT in a long period to not get 5 years. Could any consideration of (either real or perceived) racial bias be a political hurdle for making any changes?

They ar UT. **** you! Any questions?


Since 1986 UT has had four coaches. Only Mack Brown was successful. UT isn’t the job everyone says it is.

Hey UT, take Applewhite. He’s one of you. We’ll even throw in the first year’s salary.

Worth noting that Herman worked as s GA under Mack Brown from 1999-2000 and rec’d a Masters in education from UT.

I agree with your sentiment regarding Applewhite, though. I’ve never been high on him as an OC, and I sure as heck don’t want to see him promoted to HC if Herman leaves

I actually think Applewhite would make a good HC, and he probably won’t be allowed back at UT

Why not?

Because he spent some time with this young lady instead of his wife

Are we throwing stones?

If one goes back even before DX Bible … most all of the horn HCs had a winning records except Chivigny before Bible … he is the only HC with a losing record and the orangebloods only gave him three years.

Baylor steps into DKR Saturday and it will be either a blood bath OR the horn players will keep it close … like 3 or 4 TDs
at the most …

What is REALLY embarrassing is Charlie is both HC and DC … and its not like he has some iffy defensive players … these fellas are the cream of the crop some of his top recruits and he can’t seem to coach them to stop anyone consistently.

And yepp the horns in my lifetime have never relieved a HC at mid season but the tuna man is trying that tradition worse than Phylis Diller attempting to finish in the top 3 of the Miss America contest.

He should go to Louisville. Seems they condone that kind of behavior there.

M’eh. I’d hit it.


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