Polls and Rankings - May 15th

NCBWA dropped us 1 spot to 26th in their Top 30. USF is 23rd and UCF is 29th

D1Baseball didn’t rank an AAC team.

Baseball America ranked USF 25th

The Coaches didn’t even give Houston 1 vote. USF was 25th, UCF was 27th,

RPI: Houston is 26th. USF is 19th and UCF is 25th. UCONN moved up to 39th and may be moving into the at-large picture if they can sweep Memphis this weekend.

No Perfect Game poll yet; will probably come out tomorrow.

Massey Ratings has us 32nd. USF is 23rd and UCF is 25th. Connecticut is all the way down at 71 as they don’t rate well outside the RPI.

Schedule for the important games this weekend.
(There is a possibility for UCONN to win the conference and get the 1 seed, if they sweep Memphis, USF wins 2 of 3 over UCF and Houston wins no more than 1 game this weekend. UCONN and USF would then end in a tie and UCONN would win the tiebreaker. In any 3 way ties with UCONN, Houston, UCF/USF, the Florida team would end up as the 1 seed):

Perfect Game hasn’t posted on their site yet, which is strange, but Massey is showing the Coogs at #18 in the Perfect Game poll this week, 2 spots higher than last week. Also puts them one behind USF.

With that ranking, UH moves up to 29th in the Composite, USF jumps to 22nd, while UCF falls to 26th.

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