Poor Baylor

(gpropes) #1

Matt Rhule has apparently discovered the extent of the dumpster fire.


It’s a reach , but I think he would do well! GREAT MAN! CLASS PERSON!


(Patrick) #4



Cannot blame a man for trying. Doubt there is a dumster fire with a top 25 recruiting class. Where is all the uproar about kids still trying to go to Baylor?


The kids think Baylor still plays Brile offense.

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"Baylor’s Matt Rhule isn’t a fraud for looking at NFL"
He cant beat Liberty & had a shot in Indy?



Rhule to the Giants…Applewhite to Baylor…please!!!


Applewhite takes entire coaching staff to Baylor? Lol

(shharper01) #11

Hope he gets the job. Did well at Temple.

Hopefully for Baylor, thry signed everybody early.

(gpropes) #12

Rhule “withdrew his name from consideration,” meaning the Giants told him he wasn’t getting the job.