Post Game Press Conference: Major Applewhite - Arizona

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Best quote: “Hunter Yurachek gave me the game ball. I gave it to the captains cause I don’t play anymore.”

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Congrats coach for the win. He is clearly relieved.

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“Your efforts are dictated by how much you care” Some might think it is a cliche but that is what won the game. We were good, average and bad at times but we did not bend.
He did mention Oliver out of the game at times. He was and it seemed like he twisted his ankle once and got the wind knocked out if him too. Great players do improve as the season goes on. Scary good isn’t it?


Thanks for posting. I really like Applewhite and looking forward to this team jelling. For some reason, I have to keep reminding myself that this is a whole new staff, new QB etc. Feels like they’ve been together forever, but this was the first game for a lot of players, staff and coaches.

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Interesting to hear he is still looking for a 3rd back. I thought Carr had a fantastic spring game, and kind of expected to see him on the field against Arizona. Burrell also for short yardage?