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SIMPLE! We integrated our teams and kicked a**, forcing all the other Texas teams to do the same to keep up!


I attended SMU for my first 3 years of college, majored in Fraternity, got serious and got my BBA and JD from UH, my true Alma Mater.
So I have some perspective here…

I have said for over a decade now that The Big10 should add UH and SMU. This is all about TV sets and quality top to bottom programs. They would add the Houston college football TV market (No. 2 Nationally), Houston, the Metroplex, and more recruiting power in Texas.
The Big10 plays the Long Game, they are planners (Yes to Maryland and Rutgers, NO to Mizzou)…

Fingers crossed.


Not everyone knows it because most people, I’d even hazard to say over 75%, don’t care about anything besides football and distant second basketball.

That’s a bit harsh. You can maybe say, 75% of college football fans don’t care about other college sports but I doubt 75% of college sports fans are football only fans.

No, just football which is the context in which the reporter made the statement. To say she meant all sports is incorrect, I think. She wasn’t talking about all sports, just football.

Maybe “honarary” is part of the problem, too. I should know, I’m an alumni.

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I would add swimming to the list.

The point of the article goes way beyond football. The author hit it right. We are the most relevant.

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You’re creating you own point. The only sport mentioned in the article is football.

The OP answered his/her own question. OF COURSE WE PISSED PEOPLE OFF! Especially those with PUF access.

Combine that with a lack of vision for growth and we end up with lots of success but without a solid fan base.

Now, we are catching up. In Time!

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“Houston has competed for national championships regularly in football, baseball, basketball, track, and others before many on this board were born. USF, UCF, and Boise have competed for 20 years. BYU has done it for almost 40 now. Houston was competing and beating Auburn in bowls in the '50’s. They have NBA, NFL, and MLB hall-of-famers, and Heisman trophy winners as alumni, Final fours, and every possible conceivable honors college and professional athletics have to offer, along with the Olympian of the 20th century in Carl Lewis as an alum standing, looking over their shoulders.”


Meanwhile, teams like Texas Tech and Iowa State get to suck off the P5 teet even though they have ZERO top ten AP finishes and ZERO major bowl wins combined in their entire history. ISU has only finished ranked TWICE in program history with an all time program high end of season ranking of 19. 19!!!


But their wrestling team rocks!!!

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Isu gets to suck the p5 teat because their football team is mediocre yet they still sell season tickets in near record numbers.

They get to suck the P5 teat because they were lucky enough to be in the Big 8 when conference expansion happened. Their TV ratings are awful and they’ll be left on the side if the Big12 becomes obsolete. Same with Kansas State.

Lol I looked and looked and kept seeing LSU. Haha


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