Postma, Allen and Ward Statistical comparison


So I looked at the career stats for KP, KA, and GW. I used KP as the benchmark and looked at KA and GW to see what % better or worse they are/were than KP in these areas: sacks per adjusted pass attempt (adjusted pass attempts are the official attempts with the sacks added back in because I believe a sack counts as a run, correct? If not, kindly advise and I will make the adjustment), TDs per pass attempt, and INTs per pass attempt.

Here are the results. Notice that Allen and Ward are both worse, statistically, in sacks and INTs than Postma, although Ward is only 3% worse which is probably close enough to call it a tie. They lead sizably in TDs per attempt. Not sure what if anything this means…I’ll leave that to the ‘experts’ Enjoy

(David) #2

I am not sure what it means either but seems odd to use the one with fewest attempts each season as the benchmark. FWIW, I like all three QBs (and King) but just found it odd.


I used it just because I pulled his stats first. Regardless of who the benchmark is though, KP is better in Sacks and INTs, although virtually tied with Ward in INTs. I think his low TDs/attempt is a function of his relative inexperience. I was an RB in college, not a QB, and I’ve never coached, but it seems that as a QB gains experience through regular playing time, he would take fewer sacks and throw fewer INTs while throwing more TDs/attempt.

So for me, the fact that KP compares very favorably with two experienced QBs with respect to sacks and INTs and he is still very inexperienced, makes me want to see him start this year and have King continue as RB/Slot/QB with KA as the official backup QB in case KP goes down.

I just thought of this: KP and DK both on the field and the drive has been going for a few plays, picked up a first down or two. Suddenly, they line up for the next play and DK is QB and KP is WR. Go deep baby! Think we could surprise anyone with that?

(Mike Higdon) #4

That is only one facet of the game. You have to also consider mobility and running; that’s where Ward carried the team the last two years and KA is very much behind. To me and my amateur eye; when considering the complete QB package, GW is way ahead of 2nd place Postma, and Allen dragging up the rear in a distant 3rd.


I think y’all have reached the point of over analyzing.


I’m a numbers guy by profession. I didn’t want to analyze but, hey, I just couldn’t resist.


Good job.