Postma for Quarterback!

(Will) #1

Kyle Postma gives this team the best chance to win. Postma’s has the senior leadership, experience, scrambling ability, and can make the passes the offense requires.

(Nick K) #2


(PMM) #3

Agree. For whatever reason, Allen just doesn’t seem to have the competitive drive !


Kyle Postma for this year is the smart way to go. 11-1 would be an accomplishment to shoot for.

(Jimmy Morris) #5

Doesn’t matter what the fans want. As a fan, it’s your duty to support whichever players are on the field at that time. Sadly, even if Ward came back, he couldn’t save this offense. The Las Vegas Bowl was foreshadowing.


Wait a minute, I said the exact same thing when that game happened, but they (coogfans) said that CMA didn’t have a full coaching staff :joy::joy::joy::joy: what made y’all change ?!

(PMM) #7

In the end, it WILL MATER what the fans want.

Have you forgotten Dimmel ?


Postman is not a better passer then Allen. Postman got lucky he did not throw a pick 6 in the game. If you guys want Postman well you got him now but don’t complain when his passes do not connect. Let’s hope Postman leads us to victory on Saturday if not you will be calling for King at quarterback next week.

(PMM) #9

IMHO…Postma plays to win. Allen just seems to go thru the motions. He does have a stronger arm, but needs to put his soul into it.

I feel sure we will see both Kyles play this year.

QB’s are not the basic problem with offense.

(Ryon Adams) #10

I prefer Postma, if for no other reason than that his ability to run creates more dilemmas for the opposing defenses.

(Patrick) #11


love Postma, but do you guys remember the game he started in 2015 against the huskies? Yuh didn’t go well, I know he’s much improved with more experience and seems to have a better arm than before, but I think we may have thrown Allen under the bus a bit too fast. Allen’s release seems like its to slow, but its not like we have 2 ex qb coaches. TBH I think having both of them ready forces teams to create 2 different game plans

(Cougarpad) #13

The online in that Uconn game was terrible. Also are top two running backs were injured. Not many QBs been successful in that situation.

(PMM) #14

The problem was Herman and Applewhite not trusting Postma and letting him open up.

He was great against Memphis and then they throttled him.

Herman admitted it after the game !

(Tom) #15

I like this, the first half at temple was promising for Postma and he secured the ball.
I think UH beats SMU with Postma under center.

(Mike Higdon) #16

I think I am as big a Postma fan as there is on this or the other 2 boards. I am happy that he is getting his chances to start and I am pulling for him big time. He has worked hard and accepted any and every role given him without any complaints. He is a competitor and a good QB.

However, I think it is terribly unfair and probably totally inaccurate, for people to say that Kyle Allen doesn’t care, or doesn’t have a competitive spirit. I am pretty sure he has a deep desire to win as well. Some people’s just aren’t as fiery as others. I think he is an able QB and if he regains the job at some time this season, I will pull for him just as hard as I do for Postma.

(Eric Prado) #17

Will he win it back or will Postma lose it?

(Paul Marlow) #18

Here’s the rub… Postma plays well enough to win or you see Allen back in. This team really just needs a game manager with this defense. We can’t have a guy that turns it over 3-4 times. Postma and I would add Dunbar need to learn how to avoid the hits. We need both guys starting and you don’t run over too many guys at this level.

(Jimmy Morris) #19

“Big mistake to not start Allen.”

You said that on gameday at the end of the first drive because Postma didn’t get a second first down after the B.S. OPI call on Corbin. You don’t get to warn fans about “complaining” if he eventually has a bad day because you were against him from the very start of the Temple game.

(PMM) #20

Soooooo, does Allen not ever run on the option because he is told not to run ??

If so, we are back to the CMA and OC issue. Maybe CMA needs to elaborate !